About us

Notresponding.net formed with one single motto in our theme in minds and that is to make sure your gadgets and applications respond with optimum quality. Our corporate motto is simple as it gets, ‘We Speak Fluent Client ’. With our 96% customer satisfaction record, we are equipped to provide you solutions, tutorials and everything you need to know when your gadget or device is lagging, not responding, errors, download troubleshoots, visuals and video streaming errors and issues etc. We have put together your one-stop device and gadget solutions all provided by our esteemed engineers and staff members.

We have carefully build a state of the art support network and system to solve all your queries troubleshoots with detailed How-To guidelines and visual support. It does not matter if you have a PC, a Mac or even a Smartphone, we are committed to our mission, to solve your lags and errors through client catered solutions. An individual solution for all your specific gadget errors is a service platform that we have worked hard to build, just for you.  

And, you feel that all of this is not enough, we also pioneer in providing you all the necessary information of upcoming updates for your applications and gadget software’s, so you are never left behind.  In a world where geography is just a word on your remote access to information and the internet, solution hacks to gadget and application errors are a very normal. That also means having an effective and efficient solution to such technical disruptions is extremely important, in order to get by our daily lives.

Keeping that exact goal in mind, we have come up with this brainchild and have gained a customer satisfaction that boosts our innovative solutions. Our goal is and always will be simple; ‘To innovate solutions and hacks to make our Client’s tech use nothing less than the best’.