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alexa not responding
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Alexa not responding. Amazon Echo Dot not working. Can’t seem to understand what is exactly wrong? Go through the list to find your easy fix

What is Amazon Echo Dot?

The Amazon Echo Dot is your new age personal assistant. The device bags a built-in speaker for voice outputs. It can also be connected to external speakers by 3.5mm stereo output. Bridging the idea of personal assistance and remoteness. Amazon has innovated the platform of how we live.

Amazon’s assistant comes with an Echo Dot, called Alexa, an AI personal assistant that not just gets your work done but can learn new skills. Starting from calling a cab to ordering a pizza, this personal assistant is designed to keep in mind that life is to be lived and spent behind schedules. If you have skills you need Alexa to learn you can instruct it to and it will.

alexa not responding

You can do all these and more with your new digital personal assistant.

Common Problems

Amazon is not the first to have ventured into the era of AI Echo Dots yet, it is a state of the art device created to ease our requirements of work getting done.

but this device comes with its share of issues that its users may face. It is a developing technology where Amazon is updating all the new plugins. So, sometimes the Echo Dot may not respond to the voice or not respond at all. The Echo Dot can stop responding at all, so these are lags that we have decided to research find solutions for you.

Connecting to Smart Devices

If you are trying to bridge your home smart appliances to Echo Dot, Check the list of devices that are natively supported by Echo Dot.The list is growing every day and many products are being produced with Alexa support.To add a new smart device:

Open the Alexa app

Select Smart Home and tap Discover devices in the Your Devices section to add your device.

Wifi Disconnects

If the device is facing problems staying connected to your home network, you can follow these steps and try to solve the problem.

Turn off the network devices and turn it on again – the router, modem and Echo Dot Alexa speaker. Once your devices are restarted try streaming audio for ten minutes and see if the issue still remain. If the problems remain, move the speaker away from other devices preferably closer to the router, and change the speaker to a 5GHz channel to less interference and seamless connection

Voice Commands

You might notice, the Echo Dot Alexa speakers do not hear and respond to your voice commands as it used to. A good place to start off is by turning the speaker off and on again.

If the issue still remains, move the speaker away from any obstructions.  In recent months, I’ve noticed that my Echo has more and more trouble hearing me than it did when I first bought it. Other home appliances can also create problems for your Echo dot. The constant sound produced by heaters, cooler, fans and etc. If you have any noisy appliances, keep the Alexa speaker away from the appliances to reduce the noise level in the room.

You can also choose to use the available Voice Training feature. The features available Settings in the Alexa app. You will be asked to read out twenty-five phrases aloud in a  from a distance for Alexa to understand you better.

Accidental Activation

You might have accidentally turned on the Echo Dot. You can activate your device just by using the wake-up word. This word by default is set to Alexa. 

The word or name Alexa is quite a common one. this can create certain little problems from time to time. If your Echo Dot is kept near a TV or radio and the word Alexa is mentioned the device will wake up automatically.

Try to keep your Echo Dot away from devices that give vocal outputs. Keep it away from devices like TV and radios.

The echo dot can often recognize the audio from the tv and start reading out web search results to you. When using t\the TV you can opt to keep your Echo Dot muted

You can also try to change the wake-up word. Try changing the wake-up word to something you will know and don’t often use. Use a word that you can use as a dedicated word to wake up Alexa. You can also choose an uncommon which is generally not used in your household and echo dot will set it as your wake up key.

Alarms and Notifications

Reports state that users find inconsistencies with output volume level of the device. The audio output is much louder for alarms and notifications when compared to the loudness of playback and voice commands.

The main device volume and the notifications and alarms volume can be separately controlled.

Open the Alexa app on your smartphone. 

Go to Settings

Tap on your Device Name. this will take you to a page Sound.

Use the available slider to set your device’s volume.



Amazon Echo Dot equipped with the ability to stream audios from various third-party streaming services like TuneIn, Spotify, and Pandora.  Plug-ins for Spotify seem to be less stable than the other services. Music randomly stopping mid-stream and sometimes not playing at all. there is no specific fix for this error but you can work around it.

First, start off by rebooting Echo Dot device.

Unlink your Spotify account

Open the Amazon Alexa app

Go to Settings

Navigate to Music & Media

Choose Spotify.

Tap Unlink account from Alexa and confirm and accept the changes.

Tap Link account on and follow the instructions to log in to your account again.

The alternative solution to the problem could very well be with your Spotify account. Alexa requires Spotify Premium accounts for streaming. If your account does not meet the requirements, Alexa will not be able to stream.

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With the release and success of the Echo Dot, the future promises more of these personal assistant devices in the future. One company has released today, other tech giants are sure to follow the trend. Purchasing these devices can make your life hassle free but you would need to be sure about certain things. Check whether the Echo Dot services are available in your location. You need to make sure that you have an active internet connection when using your device.

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