Black Screen of Death – Windows 10 Easy Solutions

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The Worst thing that can happen to your Windows PC has to be the Black Screen of death. We all love our Windows PC too much to let it be down with this type of malfunction.

This article is all about the dreaded Black Screen of Death, and how it affects your system. We will be specifically talking about the causes and the solutions in terms of Windows 10.

Ever since Windows 10 came to the market. It has been plagued with Black Screen of Death. The cause of such malfunction can vary from user to user. But if you are looking for a solution, there are some that you can make use of.

This black screen can creep up on your Windows 10 PC for a number of reasons. It might be due to a faulty upgrade, or it can also happen during an installation process.

Whatever may be the case the solution for it is just around the corner. Let us now check out some of the causes and solution you can use to resolve such an issue.

Black Screen of Death – Causes and Solutions

  • Ongoing setup process

Your PC is most vulnerable when you are in the process of installing Windows 10. Setting up a Windows 10 PC can take multiple hours. In that period of time, your PC can have a malfunction and freeze.

If you do happen to face such an issue. Don’t panic just yet. There is a good chance the cause might be something else.

A black screen during a Windows 10 setup process might be due to a large number of file data. That is in the process of Migration. When such a large amount of files are being transferred, it might cause your screen to go off.

The best thing you can do right now is to check the LED indicators very closely. If you see them blinking, you can be assured that the setup process is still on. What about an hour for it complete.

If the setup process takes more than 3 hours, then the process might be stuck midway. In such a rare case, you will be needing professional help.

  • Setup process Stuck on its Track

Before calling for help, there are a few easy steps that might be able to help you resolve the issue. Let us now look at some of these steps in details.

  • What you need to do is power down the computer. If you are unable to, then hold the power button for 5-10 seconds.


  • The next thing you have to do is disconnect your PC from the internet. Take out the ethernet wire and disable the wireless connection.
  • Disconnect and remove any and all external peripherals you have attached to your PC. Eg: External hard drive
  • Once you are done. Take out the power cable as well. If it is a laptop then take out the battery. Keep the machine as it is for a minute or so.
  • Then Plug everything back in. Plug in your power cable, and install your batteries. Once you are done, plug your internet cable back in.
  • Wait for a few seconds, then power your computer back on.

If you happen to follow the above steps carefully. The computer should boot normally. Once the bootup process is complete. The Setup process will resume.

Wait for the setup process to complete. It might take an hour, but once it is complete, your Windows 10 will be back in order.

  • Output is being routed to a different driver 

Sometimes you come face to face with the Black Screen of death when the video output is being diverted to a whole different driver.

The main cause of this issue is due to the prior configuration you might have had with your Windows. If you do happen to come face to face with such a problem. The next few steps might just help you.

  • Try connecting to another computer screen.
  • If the screen doesn’t cut it, you can always switch your graphics card. After the Windows 10 setup is complete, update your driver.

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Use Safe Mode to Resolve Black Screen of Death

Black Screen is more like quicksand. Once you get stuck, it is pretty hard to get out. When your Windows 10 PC comes face to face with a black screen, there is very little you can do.

Because the display is not working. You have very little options to react to. The best thing you can do here is booting your computer in safe mode, and try to resolve the issue.

If you are looking to boot your computer into safe mode. You will have to switch off and turn on your computer three times. Once you are done, your computer will go into safe mode automatically.

Windows 10 recovery mode

  • Once you are booted up in safe mode, click on advanced options located on the recovery screen.

Windows 10 safe mode troubleshoot

  • Then you will have to click on troubleshoot, then go to advanced options

Windows 10 safe mode advanced options

  • Then click on startup settings

Startup Settings Windows 10 safe mde

  • A new page will open, click on restart
  • An options page will open, press number 4. That will restart Windows in safe mode.

Startup settings options Windows safe mode

Once your Windows 10 PC is booted in safe mode. You will be able to troubleshoot the problem in no time at all. Once you know what is causing the black screen of death. You will know how to resolve it.

Back Screen of Death – The End Game

It is true for a fact that a black screen can bog down your Windows 10 PC. This type of black screen can be caused due to many reasons. If you do happen to face this malfunction, the chances are there is something wrong with your computer.

The nest time you a problem with a black screen. You have the option to use some of the solutions given above in this article.

These steps are easy to follow and quick to implement. Therefore the next time you have a problem with the black screen. You know what to do.

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