Brother Printer Not Responding- Complete Solution Guide

Brother printer offers you quality prints at the lowest cost. For official and other printing purposes, Brother printer is the best choice. But it also comes with the Brother Printer Not Responding error. But since you are already here, you can get the easy resolutions methods. Check them out from the sections below.

Brother Printer Not Responding Error

Brother Printer Not Responding on Windows- Quick Troubleshooting Steps

Check for Connection Error

The weak connection between your printer and computer can be the reason why you are facing this Brother printer issue. So, before you do anything, let’s ensure of its good connection status.

  1. Take out the USB cable from both of your devices: the printer and your computer as well.
  2. Clean up the ports and make sure there is no dust
  3. Now reconnect the cables from both ends and make sure to connect them on the right port and the right devices
  4. Next, turn on your printer and test print to check if the problem is present or not

Check Driver’s Settings

When there is an issue with the driver’s settings, your printer becomes unresponsive to the computer. To check the driver’s settings, please follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly, open the printer folder-
    1. Click start and go to Devices and Printers from Windows 7
    2. Click start and go to Control Panel from Windows 8/10. Next, click on Hardware and Sound then go to Device and Printers.
  2. Check if the printer is on the list or not, if it’s not, then the proper driver is not installed on your devices
  3. Now set the Brother printer as default
  4. Check the status and make sure it is not paused or offline
  5. Right-click on Brother to select See what’s printing
  6. Next, click on Printer and then select Pause Printing or select Use Printer Offline and then uncheck the option
  7. If the color of the previous option is grey, then click Open as Administrator and type the password next press OK
  8. Next, you have to delete all the print queue
  9. Do a right-click on the brother printer and select See What’s printing.
  10. Next, go to Printer>Cancel all Documents and click Yes
  11. Make sure to choose the correct port
  12. Then right-click on the printer icon again to select Properties or Printer properties
  13. From the newly opened window, click on Parts to choose the correct ports.

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All these steps will help you fix the Brother Printer Not Responding problem. If not, there are more options left.

Reinstall the Driver

When the printer driver is not installed properly, the problem can appear. So, simply uninstall and reinstall the driver to solve the problem. Insert the CD that came with the printer and reinstalls the driver.

These are working processes for resolving the Brother Printer Not Responding issue. If you still facing the same problem, please tell us in the comment box below.

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