Canon Printer Not Responding – Fix for MG series and MX Series

Canon Printer Not Responding

Bought a new Canon Printer? Can’t seem to set up your Printer? Getting the reply ‘Canon Printer not responding’. Don’t worry you are at the right place for your Canon Printer hacks.

Let’s just get right to it here folks! The below easy Canon Printer hacks should help you out:

Check Connection

First start off by doing the basic necessary check. Check whether your printer is connected to a working power source. Make sure that the power source your printer is connected through is switched on. You should also check for any punched wires and keep the device’s socket clean.

Check Your Wireless Network

If you are using a wireless printer it should be connected to your local wireless network. Lookup the vitals from your PC and check whether the wireless network is active or not. If your PC and printer’s wireless network is established by a router, check whether your router has an uninterrupted power supply.

Without a continuous supply of power, there won’t be any stable local wireless network and will result in problems with not only your printer but another connected device as well.

Canon Printer Not Responding

If you are facing difficulties in setting up your Wireless Local Network you can always search for ‘How to setup my Home Wifi network’.
If you are done with the above steps and can confirm that both i.e. the power source and your wireless network is configured properly proceed with the following.

Devices and Printers

Now that you know that your requirements to run a printer is met let’s get into the software part.

1. Click on START and from the menu select Control Panel.

2. In Control Pane find and select Devices and Printers. A window will open showing you a list of presently connected hardware devices to your PC. Details of your Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor and Shared Memory is displayed in this window. It also shows your active Fax and Printers and Scanners

3. Check whether your printer is present in the list of active hardware devices. Be careful and don’t get confused between your printer’s corresponding icon and the Microsoft XPS Document Write. The MS XPS Document writer has an icon that may lead you to mistake it for your own printer as the MS XPS icon also looks similar. Your Printer will be displayed with the Printers model number. Eg: Canon MX 920 printer, Canon MG 2920 Wireless Printer.

4. You should find your printer is connected properly. If not you haven’t yet set up your printer yet

5. To add a new Printer you can use the operating system’s default “Add a printer” option present below the menu bar of this window and go through the setup process.

Check Drivers

Just like all other hardware your printer to has a driver. If you can see your printer on the Hardware list
SELECT the printer and open the Printer Properties.
1. In the open Printer, properties window Go to the DRIVERS tab.

2. In the Drivers tab, you will get the details about the version of your driver. Check whether the driver is up to date or not. If your driver is outdated you will have to update your printer’s driver. 

3. Update driver or Check for Updates feature in the open window.

You can also use alternative sources to check your device software and driver:

1. Inside the box pack of your printer, you will find a compact disc or cd with manufacture’s name and model number.

2. Insert the compact disc into your computer’s drive and run the SETUP manually. OR
You can let the software take over and run the default company provided setup wizard to setup your printer hassle free.

The most important thing here is to keep in mind is to install the correct drivers for your Operating System and Hardware. So if you have a Canon MP495 Printer and a 32 Bit version of Windows 7, you will need the 32 Bit Driver.

If you have a 64 Bit operating system you will require the 64 Bit Drivers. Download them direct from Canon’s website support if possible or use the disc that came with the printer.

Check Print Queue

The Print Queue shows you the list of the active process of your printer i.e the pending prints and the prints in progress. You can control and oversee your printers activities from this menu. To check the Print Queue :

1. Select the search box next to Start button on the taskbar

2. Search for ‘devices and printers’.

3. Select Devices and Printers and find your printer from the list.

4. Once you have located your printer, Press and hold or right-click on your printer and click on See what’s printing.

If you find any ongoing processes that should not be in the Print queue you will need to stop or cancel the process by selecting the specific file from the list. You can also opt to clear up the whole print queue and start with your batch of prints in a fresh process.

Check for Paper Jams

Though you would know if there are any papers jammed in your printer still it is not bad to do a thorough check. You may be using your printer after a long time and could have forgotten about it.
Clear out if any jammed papers found, could get a little messy.

If your problem is still persisting:

Pull up the Canon printer software and open “Properties”.
You will find different functions in the window. Select the option titled “Test Alignment” to check whether your printer cartridges are aligned properly. You will also be required to run the “Clean Print Heads,” option.
Wait for the printer to finish its check the alignment of the cartridges and then print off a test page. Check whether the test page is printed properly or not. If the test page was not printed how it should have then you have some hardware issues. You can choose to contact Canon customer support for repair or replacement options if it still isn’t working properly.

Check Wireless Network

Check the wireless network your printer is connected to. Check the speed of the wireless connection as well. Remember to make sure that your printer is installed nearby the router or within the wifi range or the network access point.

Ethernet connections are considered as more stable as compared to the Wi-Fi connections so you have two options in which you can choose to setup your printer with your PC. A slow network speed or connection can hinder the process and introduce the delay in the printing and printer may not respond properly.

Check Ports

You may not be using your printer over a wireless network and could be doing it the old fashion way i.e through a wired USB connection. It is probably the better and more reliable option most of the time.
Check the USB port in use by your printer.

Remove the connecting USB cable from the port and try re-attaching it. This can sometimes help. You can also try an alternative USB port preferably the ones preset at the back of your CPU as they are often more reliable. USB ports can become less responsive over time and may not function properly.

Reboot/ Restart

After going through the above-guided process you should go for a system reboot. Close all running programs or application and remember to exit your printer options if running. Not saving or closing the printer properties can have harmful effects on your system and can create problems in user experience.


1. Make sure that your printer is connected to the system properly and is turned on.

2. If you are using wireless printer make sure to keep an up and running wireless connection.

3. Restart the system as well the as printer. If the problem still continues to be there, go to the control panel.

4. Remove the existing added printers not in use anymore.

5. Make your Canon printer the default printer of your system.

6. Check the details via printer properties menu.

7. Check the USB port and also check if the correct USB port is selected in the system.

8. Go to the print jobs which are in the queue.

9. Cancel all your print jobs are in the queue. Try to print again.

10. Try changing another USB port instead of the existing one.

Wrapping up

The printer is a very useful tool when it comes to daily business or professional purposes. Prints and scans are more than often required in most of the legal or official proceedings. Key things to remember would be to keep your printer in running a condition i.e. don’t let your printer sit idle for a long time and try to use it periodically. If not in use try to keep it covered so that no dust may affect your device’s performance as it is often that mother nature plays the spoilsport.

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