Canon Printer Not Responding (Fixed)

If you have just bought a new Canon printer and receiving the Canon Printer Not Responding message, then I can help you with the possible fixes. Let’s check out the easy solutions I have mentioned here and get the resolve done in no time.
Canon Printer Not Responding

Check Connection (Canon Printer Not Responding)

First, check your internet connection and check if the printer is connected to a working power source properly. Make sure the connection is proper. Also, make sure there are no punched wires and the device’s socket is clean.

Check Wi-Fi connection (Canon Printer Not Responding)

If you are using a wireless Canon printer, make sure you have connected it to a local wireless network. You can go to your PC’s settings to check if the printer is connected to your wifi network or not. If your PC and the printer is connected to a router, check if there is a continuous power supply.

Devices and Printer: Canon Printer Not Responding

After checking all the requirements, let’s get into the software part.
  1. Click the Start button and go to Contol panel
  2. From the Control panel, find Devices and Printers. In the new window, you can see the devices connected to your PC.
  3. Check if the Canon printer is present in the list of those active hardware devices. Your printer will be displayed on-screen with the model number, for example Canon MX 920 printer, Canon MG 2920 Wireless Printer etc.
  4. You should check if the printer is connected properly if not, then click on Add a printer option present at the bottom bar
  5. Next, go through the setup process

Check Drivers

Just like every other hardware, your printer has a driver too. If you can see the printer in the hardware list, select it and open Properties.
  1. In the properties window, go to DRIVERS
  2. Here you will get the details of the Driver version. You have check if the driver is updated or not. If it’s outdated, please update the driver.
  3. Check for the available updates in the window
  4. Inside the printer package, you can get the compact disc or cd with manufacturer’s name and model number
  5. Insert the disk into your computer and complete the SETUP manually. Also, you can let the setup wizard perform the process hassle-free
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Check Print Queue

You can see your printers activities from here. To check the print queue perform these steps:
  1. In the search bar of your taskbar, search for ‘devices and printers’
  2. Click on the Devices and Printers option and find your printer in the list
  3. Once you have found the printer, press and hold the right-click on your printer to see its activities
  4. If you see a progress that should not be in the queue, you can easily stop or cancel the progress. If you want, you can also clear the whole print queue and start with your new prints as well.
By following these steps you can easily solve the error. In case you are still suffering from the same issue, drop us a comment below.

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