Chrome Failed Network Error- How to Solve-Easy Solutions

The Chrome Failed Network Error basically appears when you are trying to download Google Chrome extensions and add-ons from the Chrome web store. But there is nothing to worry about the Google Chrome network error. I have prepared some easy solution methods that you can perform to resolve the issue in no time.

Chrome Failed Network Error

How to Resolve Chrome Failed Network Error- Details

The NETWORK_FAILED error message generally comes up in Chrome browser when you are trying to download something related to Chrome like an app or extensions. Maybe some malicious software blocks the installation process. And there are two methods that you can apply-

  • You can scan your computer and remove the malicious program
  • If that does not help, please try to reinstall your Chrome browser

So, let’s follow the solution process.

Scan for Malicious Programs to Resolve Chrome Failed Network Error

Every day new malicious programs are released and our security software do not help that much to protect our PCs from all kind of malicious threats. So, it is hard to tell when is your PC is getting infected by a virus and by which that is harming your PC. still, having an antivirus software in your PC can save you from many threats.

So, scan your computer with one of the best antiviruses available such as McAfee, Kaspersky, Norton, Avast and many others to protect your system from malicious stuff.

Download and Install An Antivirus Program

Once you download a good antivirus for your PC, you have to run the installer. Then scan for possible threats in your system. By resolving and removing all those malicious programs, you can get rid of the Chrome Failed Network Error issue.

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Reinstall Chrome Browser

sometimes scanning for viruses does not help in solving the network issue. In this case, you can try other solutions, such as try to reinstall Chrome. Redoing the installation cycle can be an alternate solution for Chrome network error issue.

Remove Chrome Browser

Windows 10 users can follow these steps for removing Chrome browser-

  1. First, you need to click on that Start icon
  2. Then you have to select Settings and choose Apps
  3. Then you find to find Chrome from that list, choose Google Chrome
  4. Then select Uninstall and confirm the same
  5. Now select the remove preferences and saved data option
  6. Then click on the Uninstall option to remove Chrome from your computer

After successfully removing the browser from your computer, you need to download and install it again. Just follow the steps I have mentioned below to reinstall the Chrome browser-

  1. You have to visit the Chrome download page first
  2. Then hit on the download button
  3. You have to agree to the terms and conditions to proceed with the download
  4. After that, run the installer
  5. The installer will connect your computer to the Google server to receive the Chrome setup files

After this process, you can try to download extensions and add-ons in your Chrome, hassle-free. But if you still need help regarding Chrome Failed Network Error, just drop us a comment below.

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