How to Resolve Computer Not Responding Problem

Our Computers are a very essential thing in our lives. We do a lot of essential jobs with this system. But what should we do when the Computer Not Responding problem appears all of a sudden? Don’t worry. I have some most useful solutions. But before going with the solution methods, I will show you the reasons why this problem appears.

How to Resolve Computer Not Responding Problem

Reasons Why Computer Not Responding Appears

  • Make sure there is not a problem associated with the software you’re working
  • Damaged or corrupted Windows drivers can cause the computer not responding issue
  • Your computer takes time to load and sometimes even freezes if there are too many programs running at the same time
  • An outdated operating system can cause many troubles thus the Computer Not Responding problem is occurring
  • Overheated Windows processor
  • Misconfiguration of hardware
  • Due to an electromechanical failure

Now, look at the most possible solutions that can resolve the problem for you.

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Computer Not Responding- How to Resolve?

At times when you are doing some important tasks with your computer, if you see this complicated issue, you can try out these few things-

  1. Conduct a full scan of the PC with your antivirus software in case of a virus attack
  2. Stop the Windows process
  3. Try to reboot your computer
  4. Figure out the software that can cause the problem and uninstall them
  5. The software that uses extensions and add-ons, try to run them in safe mode
  6. Increase your RAM

Let’s discuss the resolution methods in details-

Use Your Task Manager

At times some programs show “Program Not Responding” message and this may not be your computer’s problem. Just close the program and restart your computer, try to follow the steps below-

  1. Press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” together at the same time to open ‘Windows Task Manager’.
  2. Click on the Applications tab and you can find the not responding program from there. You can also choose the Processes option to choose all the programs that are creating the problem
  3. Lastly, click on End Process to close all those programs

Finally, restart your computer to find if the issue is still present or not.

Optimize Computer Resources

Computer resources are an important thing for the smooth performance of your laptop. If your computer got enough resources, you can work on a number of tasks at the same time. But if the resources are not sufficient, there is a chance that you are seeing this error message. To keep as much as computer resources possible, follow these steps-

  1. To keep more free space in your computer delete all the useless temp files, trash files etc
  2. Remove all the games, applications, and programs that you don’t use anymore
  3. Clean up your internal hard disk
  4. Use some external drives and other storage devices to extend your PC’s memory

That’s it. And yeah, never forget to use a good antivirus software to scan your PC for viruses. Also, if you have other suggestion methods that can be performed to resolve the computer not working issue, just tell us in the comment box below.

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