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We all have studied that CPU is the heart of the computer. What if the heart stops responding? Wait, meant the computer’s heart. Or probably the CPU processor fan not responding. Don’t have to worry, these are some common errors and glitches that actually troubles us. These are issues faced by Windows system and the Mac which is a no exception. The CPU fan is the utmost important hardware tool for your computer system.

CPU Processor Fan Not Responding 

CPU fan prevents the heat damage in the system. You might have probably heard a noise when you reboot or switch on your PC. It is nothing but the CPU fan. The CPU fans can actually cause issues with overheating. If yes, then this is the stage that you should find solutions for it.

Here are some problems that you might come across within your PC.

CPU fan stopped working/CPU processor fan not responding

Whenever you find that the CPU problems are not working, it takes you through various other problems.

  •         It is very much necessary to check whether this problem has damaged or caused any issue to your computer’s motherboard.
  •         Your computer system has stopped rebooting. Yes, this could be because of the CPU processor fan or because of the motherboard damage that the fan has caused.
  •         Your system is consistently switching off, and yes it doesn’t start too. Of course, this has to be done by you. You need to switch on the system.
  •         The CPU fan is not spinning. You can also check if the fan is working or not.

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Solutions to fix the CPU processor fan not responding

Yet, there are much various ranges of solutions and fixes that will certainly help you to fix the CPU processor fan not working error. You just have to use the below mentioned methods to resolve the issue.

  •         BIOS and the CPU fan

Of course, it is very well known that the motherboard looks after the CPU processor fans. It can actually monitor and measure the temperature and the speed of the motherboard. Hence, you don’t have to enter the computer case, instead just enter the BIOS settings and measure the speed and temperature of the CPU processor fan. It could be because of the temperature too.

  •         Improper installation of the CPU fan

Your CPU fan is not at all installed properly. CPU is installed over the motherboard of any computer system. Probably there are some errors happened with the installation process of the motherboard as well the CPU fan. Yes, you need to get a repair service to fix this.

  •         Cleaning the CPU fan

Machines are meant to be maintained regularly. If you don’t they become unresponsive or stop working. So, if your CPU processor fan has stopped working then you might have to clean the CPU fan. It is great if you know the methods to clean it. Make sure your system has been switched off.

There are many small cleansing brushes available in the market, you can use them with some lubricating oil. Also, avoid using chemical spray to wipe off the dust. In case, if you do be under an expert supervision. Otherwise, it is recommended to call a computer expert and get the work done.

  •         CPU processor fan is broken

This could be another reason that your CPU processor fan not responding or has stopped working. You can simply replace the CPU fan immediately.

CPU processor fan will now work!

Yes, with these methods you can merely fix the CPU fan issues. You can either fix it yourself or you can simply call upon an expert to get it done.

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