DNS Server not Found – DNS Error on Windows – Easy Solutions

DNS server not found is one of the issues that can be crossed paths with when you are surfing over the internet. If you are still struggling with the Google Chrome browser error, then don’t worry- we have got some easy fixes for you to get rid of these issues and the errors.

DNS Server not Found

So, before we dive into the solutions to fix the DNS server not found an error, let us get some brief idea about it.

What is the DNS server not found the error?

When you are surfing the internet, and suddenly you see that the webpage stops completely, or even refuses to open at all. And you are suddenly seeing DNS address could not be found an error on your website that was surfing just a seconds ago. It is quite common; you don’t have to worry about it.

This error popups when there is an error with the website that you have opened or trying to access. The error name could be long- but the error is simple- it’s because the website address is not perfect or it is probably messed up. Sometimes, even we enter the website addresses wrong. Here is the ultimate guide for you to fix the DNS server not found the error.

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How to fix DNS server not found error?

  1. DNS server settings

You might have to correct the server settings of the DNS in your computer system. It could be one of the error, as DNS server is not at all configured accurately. It is one of the root reasons that lead to this error. You can simply rectify the DNS settings by entering the control panel; you will find the network and the sharing center. Once you enter the network and the sharing center,>go to change adapter settings>just trace out the connection option and enter properties. Once done, go to networking and select the IPv4 also known as Internet Protocol version 4, and change the DNS server address in the properties. You can make it to for the preferred address.

  1. Clean Caches and Cookies

This could be another reason that is letting you encounter the DNS server errors. You can simply clear all the caches that you will find it in the Chrome browser settings. Just enter into it and clean the caches and the unwanted cookies. You can even try deleting the chrome history or the browser history.

3. Etc Folder

Etc is not et cetera, it is a folder that you will find it in the computer system. You ought to remove the files that are unwanted from this folder. It is easy, just go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. You will find various files, just delete them without a second thought.

Server DNS address cannot be found error resolved!

Now, you have ultimately resolved the dns server errors. Surfing the internet, and having to face this error is an annoyance. The above mentioned methods should help you to fix the error. You can always try other solutions to fix dns.

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