Firefox Not Responding- Your Guide to Solutions

Mozilla Firefox undoubtedly is one of the most used internet browsers worldwide. It comes with high utility and a user-friendly interface. But despite its enhanced features and great design, many users face the common problem, Firefox Not Responding. If you are also facing this issue, let’s seek for the possible resolution.
Firefox Not Responding Error

Common Reason Why  Firefox Not Responding Occurs

The  Firefox Not Responding error can occur due to various reasons. But those that I have mentioned in this section, are the most common ones. Let’s check ‘em out:
  1. Due to the usage of many converters- like the word to PDF converter or image converters etc.
  2. Usage of numerous plug-ins that slowdowns your Firefox of cause not to respond
  3. Changes in the default search engines and automatic tabs can cause the error
  4. Due to malware infection in your device
If your Firefox Not Responding error is occurring due to these issues, please follow the instructions given in the section below.
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Firefox Not Responding (Resolved)

The most possible solutions for resolving the issue are:
  1. Clean up all cache, data of offline website, and delete all the cookies from your browser
  2. Disable add-ons
  3. Turn up Firefox in safe mode
  4. Restart your computer

Clear Cookies and Caches

  1. Go to the Menu button and select History; after that, click on Clear history. In the drop-down menu of the Time range to clear, you have selected the Everything option.
  2. Now select the items that you can clear; for that, you have to select the arrow near Details
  3. Now, select Cookies and Caches
  4. Click on Clear Now

Restart FireFox in Safe Mode

  1. Go to the menu option of your Mozilla Firefox browser
  2. Click on Help, then click on Add-ons disabled option disable the add-ons
  3. Now it will initiate in safe mode
  4. The safe mode dialogue box, click on the Start in safe mode option
  5. Now check if the problem still persists or not
  6. If the problem is still present, please follow the next step

Reinstall FireFox

Sometimes Firefox faces issue due to its own programs. It will be great if you can remove the browser and try to install it again without worrying about passwords and bookmarks.
  1. Download the latest version of Firefox from the official website:
  2. Exit the browser and uninstall to remove it from your device
  3. Delete the Firefox program folder
  4. Now reinstall Firefox
  5. Check the newly installed browser if working or not.
If this method does not help, move to the next step.

Refresh Firefox to Solve Firefox Not Responding

Refreshing Firefox can help you fix many issues that come up while working with the browser. This option restores your profile and information, so you don’t have to worry about losing your data. If you can see the refreshing option from the screen then select it. But if you can find the option, go to Firefox About Support page then select Refresh Firefox from the confirmation window. Then the browser itself will be closed and after a while in a pop-up window listed your information will appear, you have to select Finish to complete the process. These will solve the Firefox Not Responding problem. But if you are still struggling with the error, please tell us in the comment box below.

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