Google Chrome Certificate Error- Easy Fix

It could be quite annoying or disturbing when you are working on the internet with the Google Chrome, and the browser suddenly appears with the Google Chrome certificate error. Don’t worry, you can very quickly solve the error with the help of some easy solutionsHowever, whenever you cross paths with the security issue, the Google chrome stops working with the SSL error or a Google chrome certificate error.

Google Chrome Certificate Error

Before we directly jump into the solutions, let us take a turn to some ideal information about the certificate error.

What is an SSL error?

No doubt, we all surf on the internet. Also, we use username and passwords over various websites including our bank and health websites. But are we sure that these personal data and the passwords are actually safe on the websites and the servers that we use? Can we even make sure that these personal data and information that we share are absolutely safe and secure?

Yes, secure socket layer also known as SSL absolutely watches out for each and every website that we open and checks whether the website is secure or not. In fact, there are millions and billions of websites that integrate this SSL i.e secure socket layer to safeguard your privacy and other personal information on their page and websites.

But, some websites don’t do or take that initiative to protect your privacy and this results in not secure websites. You may have often come across some websites that display as “connection is not private” in the display page or “not secure” in the search bar. It is because they probably haven’t incorporated the SSL or the website is genuinely not safe maybe.

Often these, non-secure websites can be a great way or a medium for the virus and the malware, even for the hackers. Hence, it is recommended that you don’t enter these websites, you can always look for other website options for information on the internet.

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Causes of Google chrome certificate error

Here are some root reasons that actually causes the SSL or the certificate error.
An insecure connection could be the first and the foremost reason whenever you have ended up in an unsafe website. An HTTP usage will often keep you safe.
Some websites use self-signed certificates that actually gets popped up when Google or any other browser comes face to face with them.
Sometimes, the cookies that are associated with the server can stop or ban you from opening the web pages or the websites and redirect you to the same site or a page.
Even the clock and the time format may cause this error. Yes, it is quite strange but true. You can always check the exact time and the date format; setting it to the accurate time can also stop you from entering into this error.

Solutions to fix the Google Chrome certificate error

1. Clear cache

Cleaning the browser caches and fixing these internet and browser errors is the most commonly preferred method. Hence, you can try this method to solve the Google chrome certificate error as well. Just erase all the caches and the unwanted cookies of the browser and try again with the website or the page.

  1. Disable the HTTP/SSL scan

The Google chrome provides good security every time you use the browser. When you have scanning or an anti-virus program or software installed in your computer system, it may create an issue when visiting the websites. Some of them actually have an HTTP/SSL protection feature enabled that actually crosses paths with the Google Chrome browser protocol. However, these interferences give a great space to this SSL or the Google chrome certificate errors.

  1. Enable the TSL or SSL protocol

Another super solution to solve the Google chrome certificate error could be allowing the TSL or the SSL protocol on the internet. In the address bar of your Google Chrome browser- you can simply type- chrome: //flags. You need to click enter, a fresh window with the security settings get opened. You will need to look out for the minimum SSL/TSL version supported option and then alter the drop down menu to SSLV3 and close all the tabs. Once done, just restart the PC and try with the websites once again.

The Chrome certificate error is resolved!

You can simply follow the above mentioned solutions and get relieved from the SSL or the certificate error. It is quite easy and simple too. Just make sure that you are following the steps quite carefully.

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