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Are you guys counting yourselves in the number who are unable to format the hard drive? I have some really easy fixes for the trouble you are facing. So friends let us look forward to a compact solution for hard drive format tool not responding.

What does a Hard Disk Drive do?

Before discussing anything let me at the very beginning brief you about the hard disk drive, very often which we term as hard drive. Is it so that because it is very hard when we touch so we call it the hard drive? Oh my God! Please do not believe what I said.

But the fact indeed is that a hard drive is a memory hardware which stores data. Also upon connecting it to the computer, it retrieves the data. In other words, a hard drive is basically a secondary storage device. The main characteristics that make hard drive a must have good nowadays is its capacity to store huge data in a single place and it’s performance. Out of over 200 companies producing hard drives these days, the best to use for your system may be brought to you by Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital.

Hard Drive Format Not Responding- Basic Device

Now the next question striking both yours and my mind is that what is all about formatting a hard drive. So let us move on and answer this question too.

Formatting a Hard Drive

Now formatting a hard drive is doing nothing but yet the best way to remove all the information stored on a hard drive. Again before forgetting let me mention this is a must do to any new hard drive before storing any kind of information in it. Now, this is not a task that one does regularly but at times having knowledge of the matter really helps.

So, guys, we are done with a hard drive and formatting a hard drive. Now let me drag the very attention of my reader friends to what if hard drive format tool is not responding?

Yes, the unlucky situation might be that at the very crucial moment of formatting a hard drive. And we might count ourselves in the number who find that hard drive format tool is not responding. Though this is not that serious matter that must put my jolly readers into trouble. So let us start working out on the issue.

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These are Enough to Corrupt your Hard Drive

While moving in the direction our primary step will be to gather a small knowledge regarding the do’s which might corrupt our hard drives. So let us go through:

  • Removing the device from the system without ejecting the device.
  • File system error.
  • The existence of some bad sectors within the storage device.
  • The drive might be virus attacked.

These are some of the very basic causes that might cause our storage device to be corrupted. Now, just to avoid this kind of a problem the basic point we must always keep in our mind is that;

  • While handling the devices we must be very careful about the operations we make.
  • Must scan the virus timely.

But what if the problem has already occurred on your device? Then you will have to go for formatting the hard drive.

But the severe problem will be then when the formatting is not going all correct on the hard drive. Basically, what we say as the unlucky situation of hard drive format tool not responding. The situation might be unlucky but guys we are lucky enough here to have with us the total solution for fixing the error of hard drive format tool not responding.

A Trick like Wizard Stick

One trick is there which again I must not forget mentioning in this regard. In some cases, it might also be the case that some external drive upon being connected to a system is not working. It may give some error message just because of the fault of the computer itself. Yes, just because the USB port of a system is damaged it might disallow a particular external hard drive to respond. So it is always better to be at a safe side. Kindly do check the same external hard drive with another computer before going for any other procedure.

How to fix Hard Drive Format Tool not Responding

Now comes the wow moment to repair and manage the not responding hard drive. Now again here the lane gets divided into two. The first one is the hard drive is detected but the files embedded within the drive are corrupt. The second one is that the external hard drive becomes unrecognizable in itself.

In the first case, we will learn to repair the corrupted hard drive without losing the stored data. In the second case, we will work out to repair the entire hard drive which is now absolutely unrecognizable by the system.

Repairing Corrupted Files From Hard Drive

Step 1 – This is going to work when the hard drive is detected by the system but the files stored on the hard drive are damaged. So here we go

  1. Go for the Start option on the computer screen. Now type cmd and then go for pressing the Enter button to open the Command Prompt Window.
  2. Now depending on the drive type chkdsk h:/f (if h is the driver for the hard drive). Then press Enter.

This is how you can get to repair the corrupted files within the external hard drive. But upon a failure with these steps don’t sit down and start thinking. I have many other way outs in my bag of joy.

Data Recovery from Corrupted Hard Drive

While working with a hard drive and suddenly system shows a message that the hard drive is corrupted. Don’t know about you but I feel like Oh God! Shall I be able to recover the files from the hard drive?

But you need not think about that. Just follow the steps and you will be all done.

Process 1 – Using USB cable or a new PC

Even if you guys have a doubt that if the fault is of the hard drive or the USB port is corrupted then give a pause. Simply connect the same hard drive with a different USB port and for better satisfaction to an entirely new PC. Now if the drive can be read then go for working with the data stored within the drive. But if again it is a failure, the hard drive is not detected. Then the next step to do is find a sound software to recover the data.

By now we have got to know that the fault is on the drive. So, we will recover the data using software that are available on the market.

Process 2 – Using Hard Drive Recovery Software

Some authoritative software is now available. Some easy clicks can help you recover data from the corrupted hard drive. If it comes to my recommendation, I shall ask to try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. And trust me this is going to get you done. A total solution of recovering files from corrupted hard drive under Windows 10/8/7.

You are now just 3 steps ahead of your destination. Just download, install and activate. Your precious data are recovered from your corrupted hard drive.

  1. Connect the hard drive to a PC, run the software, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Now select the corrupted hard drive and give a click in Scan option.
  2. Further with Quick Scan and Deep Scan mode, you will find the data and files stored on the hard drive.
  3. Get a preview of the data found and click Recover and save the data in a safe location on your PC.

Repairing Corrupted External Hard Drive

If the external hard drive in itself is damaged then it has to be repaired. Let us now put out steps forward and try to learn out some methods of repairing.

Process 1 – Formatting external hard drive

  1. The external hard drive has to be connected to the PC.
  2. We will have to give a right click on the external hard drive. Next, we have to select the option ‘Format’ from the dropbox.
  3. We will have to set new file system to the drive and by clicking OK we end the process.

Now that we are done with the formatting of the hard drive, we must think of the situation where hard drive format tool is not responding. To get a solution to this problem let us now look forward.

Process 2 – Partition manager software to repair Corrupted  drive

Enabled with check partition feature EaseUS Partition Master is the best of its kind. Let us now go through the workings.

  1. We will connect the hard drive to a PC and run EaseUS Partition Master.
  2. Next, we will give a right click on unallocated external hard drive and go for Check Partition
  3. Then we will go for ticking check in the Check Partition Properties, Call Windows Chkdsk.exe and Surface Test.
  4. Last but not the least we will click on OK.

Next, we will deal with another very vital question. The question is what to do if you are to repair a hard drive without formatting the same. I have got an answer to even this issue.

Process 3 – Wipe Data on Corrupted Hard Drive

This is another option within EaseUS Partition Master to wipe out the data from the corrupted hard drive and un-allocate them. For this, we will have to launch EaseUS Partition Master. We will have to right click the corrupted hard drive and select Wipe Data. In this manner, the external hard drive will become unallocated.

After that, by using Disk Management or EaseUS Partition Master we can modify the hard drive. We may create a new partition, reset the drive letter, size etc. Thus we can convert a corrupt external hard drive to a usable one.

Process 4 –  Repairing Corrupted Head drive  by Running Command

The only fault with this process is that it will remove all the data stored on the external hard drive. So one must recover data from the external hard drive at first and then prepare for to run CMD to repair the hard drive. So let us now go with the steps of repairing the external hard drive.

  • Firstly press Win+R and type cmd and press the Enter button.
  • The next step is to type diskpart and press Enter.
  • The following step will be to type list disk and press Enter.
  • The next step will be to type select disk 0 and go for pressing Enter(where 0 is the drive letter of the corrupted hard drive.)
  • Next step will be to type Clean and go by clicking Enter. Here in this step, all the data in the drive will get wiped out.
  • The following step will be to type Create Partition Primary and press Enter.
  • And the last step will be to type Exit and press Enter.

The time is now to give a look at the end phase of the story. The primary concern to gather here is hard drive format tool not responding issue. Once we have gathered knowledge to solve the issue, one part is done. Another very useful thing you guys must know is that all the techniques and methodologies we have discussing so far are not only limited to external hard drive format tool not responding issue. But it covers the entire arena of SD card, USB drives, memory cards, flash drives etc.

Wrapping The Trip

Time is now for me to see the pretty smiling faces of my reader friends. So let us now wrap up the entire problem and focus on the many available solutions. So what came to know at the very front phase of this story is some basic knowledge about hard drives. Whereas our main concern always remained fixed at a point of hard drive format tools not responding, I have always tried to make my space more and more informative.

Although the entire matter focuses on the single issue, going through the same will obviously help you to get rid of many unwanted issues not only related to hard drive format tool not responding. But at times will also come into use if you get stuck in between while using SD card, memory card, USB drives etc. So let us now bade a look off with the hope of meeting again in some near days.

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