How to Customize the Logon Screen- Windows OS Hacks!

Your Windows logon screen is what that welcomes you on your computer when you try to log in. If you find it boring, uninteresting, and repetitive, you don’t have to keep it in that way. Use this guide to customize your logon screen with features. Learn How to Customize the Logon Screen on Windows.

How to Customize the Logon Screen

What Do You Mean By the Logon Screen?

When your Windows computer is a part of a workgroup or homegroup, Windows will generally show you a welcome screen. If the computer is a part of a domain, it will display a startup screen. The logon screen contains a list of accounts on that particular system. To log on to the computer, you can choose any of the three accounts. If you want to log on to one of the accounts, you need to click on it and provide the password (if any).

Why the Logon Screen is Required?

The logon screen is important because it represents a list of available accounts on the computer. You must always use a logon screen rather than a welcome screen to improve security. Before you start using your PC, the logon screen informs you how many accounts are available in the system. This is evermore advisable to use a password with those accounts to maintain your privacy and security. You can also read: “Thread Stuck in a Device Driver”

How to Customize the Logon Screen: Use Background Changer App

Your default Windows startup screens are boring and stupid. Also, they are very frequent and repetitive. There are loads of techniques to change your logon screen into something interesting and enjoyable. Just follow the steps below and know How to Customize the Logon Screen in Windows OS.

  1. There is an application named Windows 7 Logon Background Changer available for free; you need to download it first
  2. With the help of this application, you can customize your startup screen easily and quickly
  3. Install the application and check out the various optimization options the program offers to your Windows computer
  4. With the help of this app, you can effortlessly change your Windows wallpaper by choosing your favorite image from your computer’s library
  5. From there, you can also change your logon screen wallpaper and welcome screen wallpaper as well.

This app also offers a large gallery of wallpapers; you can download them and add to customize your screen.

Windows Logon Background Changer

This absolutely free and open source program supports changing the wallpaper of your logon screen / welcome screen /login screen /logon UI etc. It may require a proper GPU to run the 3D animations. Here are some of its highlighted features:

  1. It won’t change your system files
  2. The program won’t ask you for administrator rights
  3. Any user can easily change the logon screen
  4. Enables you cropping and sizing
  5. Creates JPEG files for the images you want to apply
  6. Huge library of free wallpapers available

It has a simple and useful design so that you know How to Customize the Logon Screen instantly. If you find an app as interesting and Background Changer, drop us a comment below.

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