How to Jailbreak Amazon’s FireStick?

Jailbreaking or trying to jailbreak is always annoying, and it takes a lot of preparation. We decided to give, you a very brief guide as to how you can make that happen. It might be complicated, but this guide will help you in jailbreaking so that you can enjoy some uninterrupted entertainment. First, let me tell you what this jailbreaking applies, you can easily jailbreak Fire TV, Amazon Firestick and Fire TV Cube.

What is the reason to Jailbreak Amazon’s FireStick?

You already know the reason behind taking this step, it’s the most convenient way to install third-party apps on the device. The apps which you won’t find on the Amazon app store and which will have to be sideloaded. So that sideloading is jailbreaking. You might wonder why it is called jailbreaking and if it’s even legal to jailbreak?

Now Amazon fireStick is the most commonly used device in today’s time, and it is available in almost every single streaming platform for your entertainment. The second thing you might want the answer for is if it’s legal. Well, it’s not illegal to Let me give you a way out, if even you want to your a third-party app for which you had to jailbreak, just protect your identity by using a VPN.

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Get Started With Jailbreaking

The very first thing that you must do to jailbreak your device is to allow your FireStick to start downloading from any third party sources other than the Amazon app store. Let me show you how you can start with that; you won’t even need a system but just your FireStick.

  • Get to the settings
  • Find your device from the options you come across
  • Select the “Developers Option”
  • You have to enable the ‘ADB Debugging.’
  • Now lastly, you have to enable the ‘apps from unknown sources’

The process isn’t complete yet because suppose you want Kodi on your FireStick; you will need to get the ES file explorer. Now that you can install from Amazon’s app store.

Install ES File Explorer from Amazon App Store

Installing the ES File Explorer is not rocket science. You simply have to

  • Get to Amazon’s app store
  • Find the ES File Explorer by typing it on the search box
  • Install by clicking into the download button
  • Open your File Explorer after it has finished the installation

After you finish installing the Es File Explorer, you have got to find the tool from its menu and download Manager given in the left-hand menu. After which you will get a new window named ‘path’ where you must enter the Kodi download link correctly. Here are few we kept for you

Now you will have to rename your application. Name it Kodi for better understanding. Your download will find with the help of EX file explorer and after it’s done, locate your file and install Kodi. It may take some time, but it will be ready to be used. You have successfully jailbroken your Amazon FireStick.

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