How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android- Step-By-Step Simple Guide

If you are willing to change your Smartphone device from an iPhone to Android, then the first thing you must is how to transfer all those data. Of course, your data are important, and you need to transfer them to your new Android smartphone. So use this guide to know how you can Transfer Data from iPhone to Android which is a very simple and easy process.

Transfer Data from iPhone to Android- Transfer Music

Transferring music from your iOS device to your Android smartphone may seem a little tricky, but it is not. There are thousands of apps available on the internet that will get the job done. Here my recommendation is TouchCopy software. It is easy to use and also very user-friendly. SHAREit, Xender, Move to iOS, etc. apps are also very helpful. No matter which one you download, the process will be easy. Here are a few useful steps to perform:

  1. Download TouchCopy (or any other aforementioned apps) on your computer and run it
  2. Then connect your iPhone with your computer; the app will load all your iPhone music
  3. Hit “Backup All” when you find the option
  4. Select to back up the content to a folder on your computer.
  5. Now connect the new Android device to your computer
  6. Here, drag and drop the music lists or videos (if any) into your new Android phone.

If you don’t like this method, you can follow the next one.

Transfer Music from iPhone to Android with iTunes

You can also transfer your music with iTunes but that only limited to the music you purchased through iTunes. To transfer other music, you can use the previous method.

  1. Open iTunes from your computer and connect your iOS with the system
  2. Right-click on your iPhone and select “Transfer Purchases” and when the transfer is complete, connect your Android with the computer
  3. From the File Explorer, find your iTunes music; or follow this patch: User > Music > iTunes > iTunes Media
  4. Drag and drop the music into your Android phone in this step

When you are done with transferring music from iPhone to Android, follow the next method to transfer photos and videos.

Transfer Data from iPhone to Android Using TouchCopy

It’s important to keep your photos and videos in a safe place; they are the most precious memories to us and our friends. You can get help from the TouchCopy software to transfer those memories from your iPhone to Android; follow these steps:

  1. Connect the iOS with the software and go to the “Photos” tab then click “Copy Photos”
  2. Connect your Android phone next and locate the folder where you copied the photos (and videos too) and drag them to drop into your Android phone.

Without the TouchCopy software, you can also apply another method to transfer your photos and videos from iPhone to Android; the method is given below.

Transfer Data from iPhone to Android Using Windows

Simply connect your iPhone with your computer and open File Explorer then select your photos and videos from your smartphone and connect your Android phone with another USB cable with your computer. Then simply copy-paste or cut the photos and videos to your Android.

Isn’t it that simple? Then safely remove all your devices and your Transfer Data from iPhone to Android is done. Tell us in the comment box below if you any other simple process related to the same.

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