iCare Data Recovery Tool- How to Recover Lost Files on Windows

If you have accidentally deleted all the data from your PC or have formatted, you can get back all those files simply by downloading the iCare Data Recovery Tool. I am going to tell you how you can use this tool for getting back your lost files.


Once you have deleted all the files by mistake, avoid saving new data unless you recover the ones you lost. This will help the tool work smoothly on your PC. Before learning about its user guide, let’s tell you about this tool briefly if you are hearing its name for the first time.

iCare Data Recovery Tool Details

When we talk about data recovery tools, iCare Data Recovery software comes at the top of the list. It stores your lost data in your computer with ease and within a few periods. But to be very frank with you, this tool only recovers 90% of your lost data and not all of them.

Check out the difference Between Pro and Free Editions of iCare

There is no huge difference between the pro and free version of iCare, they have the same application interface and features but the pro version comes with a few extra handy features if you are going to use it for commercial purpose. I would recommend you to use the free version if you don’t have any such purpose. But if you exceed the limit of 20MB data, the pro version will ask you for payment.

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How to Use iCare Data Recovery Tool

Just follow the instructions below to recover your lost data in no time.

  1. You need to install the free data recovery tool on your PC first
  2. Then you have to visit the main page of the software
  3. Then choose the module according to your data recovery requirement
  4. Now find out the partition where you have deleted your data
  5. Hit Next then
  6. Wait for the software while it scans for your deleted files
  7. After the process is performed, you can see your deleted files

If you want, you can restore all of them but in another case, you can choose the ones you need to recover.

How to Restore Data from Micro SD Card

If you have accidentally deleted your data from Micro SD card, here are the steps to recover them-

  • Must install the iCare Data Recovery Tool on your PC first
  • Then insert the SD card via a USB cable or a card reader to connect it to your PC
  • Open the main interface of the tool
  • Then you have to choose the module according to your search
  • Then you have to find your Micro SD card SDHC to select it
  • The software will scan your card
  • After it finishes its job, it will show you the deleted files.

These are some of the easiest ways to get the deleted files back. If you got any good iCare Data Recovery Tool alternative, just let us know in the comment box below.

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