Install Xbox Controller Driver on PC | Relative Fixes

Now if you are an Xbox user, you must be aware of the struggle it brings with Windows. Yes, it’s undeniable that you are always worried about the issues that it brings along. Xbox controller on PC gives a very flexible outlook as compared to keyboards and mouse. The best part about this write up is that we will give you a complete solution to your worries by giving you an installation guide of  Xbox Controller Driver on PC.

Certain Issues with the Xbox Controller Driver on PC

To add up to your information, here’s something you must know about having an Xbox controller issues in the first place.  Problems definitely arises

  • Your Xbox Controller will not be connected with your computer
  • It will constantly be disconnected

Easy installation guide | Xbox Controller Driver on PC for Windows 10 and 8

Let us begin the installation process which can help you get rid of the problems that you have been facing with your Xbox Controller. Firstly, you can get to the Xbox accessories app for updating or installing the Xbox Driver. Once you do that, your Xbox controller will automatically be updated on it’s own. If you don’t like the idea of installing it from Xbox accessories app, you can get it with the help of Windows Update.

Here’s how you can follow the steps to get this done.

  • Find a working USB Port and connect your controller with your PC
  • Now you will have to wait to let the system detect the hardware changes
  • It won’t automatically install on it’s own
  • Just know you will get an option to download the driver
  • Now you must follow the prompt and download
  • Update the Windows after downloading and check and refresh

Your controller must be well connected with your windows pc now. Now comes the procedure for Windows 7. You can also read: Windows 10 Startup Folder Not Working, How to Jailbreak Amazon’s FireStick

Xbox Controller for Windows 7

You have to get to the Xbox official page to find the version of Windows you have been looking for.

  • Go to the Xbox Driver Webpage and find the download link.
  • Find the Software and driver section
  • You have to make the selection for Windows 7 and start with the download link provided
  • Now after the driver completes the download, find the file on your folder
  • Tap double-click and let it complete the driver installation
  • Now your Xbox must work fine incompatible with your Windows 7 pc

These procedures are tried and tested, and you can rely on them completely. However, when it comes to performing task step by step stick to it for best results. Now that we got your back let us know how we can better our services for you. Comment and share if you have any other solutions for Xbox controller driver problem whatsoever.

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