Where Do I Find Intuit Data Protect Has Stopped Working? Fix the Error Now

Intuit data is a crucial component of QuickBooks as it helps in protecting financial data with the help of its encryption security standards. It protects your data from getting lost, corrupted and ensures security also. Sometimes users encounter error messages on their screen while using Intuit data protect. Intuit data protect has stopped working is one of the most common errors faced by QuickBooks users. This error troubles users a lot as they face difficulty in backing up their company files. But don’t worry, in this article, we will tell you the detailed reasons that cause Intuit data to protect error as well as quick easy steps to fix it.

Factors that Stop you from Backing up with Intuit Data Protect

intuit Data Protect

Before coming to the solutions of this error, it is very important to understand the causes of this error. There are many reasons that can stop the backup process using Intuit Data protect. Below are listed details:

  • Using an outdated version of QuickBooks.
  • If you have not updated IDP, then you can face backup issues.
  • Windows Firewall is blocking the Internet Access.
  • May be, in your browser settings, you have not added the IDP web address as a trusted source.
  • Not naming the company as per guidance of Intuit. Always remember, you must not leave white spaces at the name’s end and there is a limit of file name of upto 65 characters.
  • Entering wrong IDP login credentials.
  • Improper installation of IDP.
  • Poor Internet Connections.

Symptoms of ‘Intuit Data Protect has Stopped Working’ Error

Now we have discussed the possible causes of IDP error, it is important to know how to fix this error. We have narrowed down some solutions for you to fix the error. Read till the end to get the detailed information.

  • Missing IDP icon from the Windows Taskbar.
  • Scheduled IDP backup fails.
  • Error 305 showing on your screen.
  • Intuit Data Protect fails to back up because of the Internet or firewall setting.

Update Latest QuickBooks Version

Update Latest QuickBooks Version- intuit data protect has stopped working

It is very important to update QuickBooks for IDP as it will ensure better security and performance and stability of the application and protection from missing critical data.This is the most commonly followed solution through which you can get relief from this error. 

  • Open the QB software, go to the Help option and you will see the update QuickBooks option, select that. 
  • Now select the Update Now Tab and then mark the data Protect.
  • In case there is an update, click on the download option and restart your PC. 

Update Intuit Data Protect

Next step is to update the Intuit data Protect. This is an excellent solution to fix the error. Below mentioned are the easy steps that need to be followed:

  • Make a click at the bottom right side of the Toolbar and then you will see a green color icon, click on the icon.
  • Select About Intuit Data Protect.
  • Make sure to do this on QuickBooks 2017, 2016 or 2018 version.
  • Click on Update. After few seconds, a window will appear.  Hit OK and open QuickBooks.

Now check, if the error has been fixed or not. If the problem still persists then move to the next solutions given below that is using the Intuit Data Protect Diagnostic Tool.

Use the Intuit Data Protect Diagnostic Tool

This tool is especially designed by Intuit to fix such error. IDP tool scans computer and other components to fix errors.

  • Make a Right click on the Intuit Data Protect on the taskbar on your desktop.
diagnostic tool- intuit Data Protect
  • Then again right click on the option About Intuit Data protect and press Ctrl+F2.
  • Press tab on Run Diagnostics in order to run the scan.
  • If there is an error, it will be shown on the screen as well as will be resolved.
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Configure Windows Firewall 

IDP needs access to the company file in order to backup properly. You must make sure that your company files are accessible to the Windows Firewall. If it is not configured then it will block the internet connection to the Intuit Data Protect. This can lead to an error. In order to configure the Windows Firewall, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to the Start icon and type Firewall in the search bar. 
  • Press the tab on Allow an app Through Windows Firewall. Then make a click on Allow Another App
Configure Windows Firewall- data error protect
  • Click on Browse and reach QBIDPservice.exe to open it.
  • After that, go to Network Types and checkmark the Private Box.
  • Select the Add button and look for the IBUenghost.exe file. 
  • Open the file and make sure that your screen reflects a message reading- the file already exists at the end of the process.

Adding Intuit Data Protect as the Trusted Website

After configuring Windows firewall, it becomes important to Add IDP as the trusted website.

  • Go to the Start Button and search for Internet Options.
  • Then choose Security and click on the Trusted Sites.
Trusted sites
  • After clicking on Sites, start filling the domain mentioned below.
  1. Backup.com
  2. Intuit.net
  3. Intuit.net
  4. Intuitdataprotect.com
  5. QuickBooks.com
  6. Workplace.intuit.com
  7. Emerald.backup.com
  • Now click on the option Add and make sure to unmark the box ‘Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone’.
  • Press tab on Close and Hit OK. 

By now, your problem must have been solved, but if not, then we have one more solution below.

Make sure that IBuEngHost.exe is Operating as a System User and not as a Window User

Another solution to fix this error is to make sure that  IBuEngHost.exe File is operating as a system user. In order to check this, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Make a right-click on the Taskbar. Now choose Start Task Manager.
  • Go to the Details tab and find IBuEngHost.exe File. Now check that under the list of Username and the Status, it is Showing System. If not, then attentively follow the steps given below:
  • Download the latest QuickBooks Desktop version. 
  • Make a right-click on the Installer and choose ‘Run as administrator
  • Finish the re-installation and after that in Task Manager search for IBuEngHost.exe. Check if the previous status has changed.

Final Words

Here is all about the error ‘Intuit Data Protect has Stopped Working’. So next time, if you ever come in a situation like- ‘where do I find intuit data protect has stopped working.’ or see an error on your screen like- Intuit data protect has stopped working QuickBooks 2014, then just go through this post thoroughly and your issue will be resolved instantly. If you were able to solve the error after reading this post then do visit our website for more relevant articles.

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