Step-By-Step Guide for iTunes Error 56

You are trying to update your iPhone, and you got an iTunes Error 56 message with a logo of iTunes. At the same time, your iPhone device gets unresponsive, and you are unable to do any task. But I have some effective methods that will help you fix the error with ease. So, check out the methods that you can perform to resolve the issue.

iTunes Error 56

Easy Solution Methods for iTunes Error 56

The error 56 does not occur when you are trying to update the iOS device, but it can also occur when you are trying to restore the device with iTunes. I would suggest you the Dr. Fone software for an easy quick solution.

Dr. Fone

  • You will have to install on the computer and connect the iPhone that’s causing the problem
  • This tool will troubleshoot your problem. You can see  various options here, find repair and select it to proceed
  • Wait for the application to detect your iOS device, then you can click Start

It is important to boot your iPhone in DFU mode, just press the power and home button at the same time and release the power button after 10 seconds. Release the home button when the DFU screen appears.

  1. Now fill the details that it asks for then choose Download
  2. Now the firmware will download then choose Fix Now

When the application completes its tasks, your iPhone will restart automatically. So, you install the Dr, FONE software and resolve the iTunes Error 56 issue. If it does not help, check out the other solutions.

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MobiKin Software

This software is pretty much the same as Dr. Fone. the only difference between this two software is, the Mobikin keeps a backup of your data with this tool.

  1. Install the software on your computer
  2. Then connect your iPhone with the system via a USB cable
  3. Click on the More Tool option from the application interface
  4. Then select iOS System recovery
  5. Now the application will recognize your device
  6. It can also show you the possible cause of the 56 error
  7. Then click on Start
  8. Check out the information on your phone
  9. If the details are wrong, then replace them with the correct ones and then proceed

Now I’m gonna tell you how you can get rid of the issue without software.

Perform a Security Software Check on Your Computer

Wrong security software can block the communication to servers of your Apple device and your iTunes also requires multiple network servers to sync data. Due to an error in security software, you can encounter the iTunes problem.

Find out the solution by following-

  • Open the antivirus software
  • Find iTunes in there if you can’t see it there, you have to include it to avoid the error
  • Visit Windows Firewall and check out the exempted list to find iTunes

If you encounter the same iTunes issue even after going through these solutions, I would want you to drop us a comment in the section below.

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