How to Solve Micro SD Card Not Recognized Error

One of the most common issues in the tech world is the Micro SD Card Not Recognized Error that many of us have faced. Sometimes this issue occurs due to many factors. But you don’t have to worry about them at all since I am here, I will tell you the possible solutions that you perform to this error and resolve the problem in no time.

 Micro SD Card Not Recognized Error

We all store our important data into our micro SD card, but the times when we are unable to use it, we feel completely helpless. But here are the few solution processes, that can help you in this situation.

Complete Solution for Micro SD Card Not Recognized Error

Here I am going to talk about a few methods you can get rid of the situation, just check them out below.

Update the Driver

An outdated driver can cause any problem, and here in this situation, the solution is to update the driver you use for your micro SD card. Follow the steps below-

  • Double-click on the Computer icon
  • Then select the System properties option
  • From the left-hand side taskbar, select device manager
  • When you find the “+” sign beside the USB Controller, click on it.
  • A yellow exclamation mark will appear
  • Right-click on the yellow mark and select Update software manager > Automatically search for Driver software
  • Now your PC will update the latest version of your system driver
  • When the process is done, connect the SD card again with your computer

If due to the outdated version of the device driver, the error message appears, this method will solve the problem. But if you use an updated driver and the problem still occurs, please follow the other process.

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Format Your SD Card

I know, it’s difficult and probably you are giving me an are-you-kidding-me-look, but this can solve the problem.

  • Visit the Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management path
  • Select Disk Management from the new window
  • From the viewer, you will have to search for your device and then right-click on that to choose format
  • This will format your entire SD card and you can check if the issue is resolved or not.

Later you can search for data recovery tools to get back the 90% of your lost data. But if the process also does not help, then check out the one I have mentioned below.

Use Command Prompt Option

  • Press and hold the Windows button and X key
  • The power user menu will appear, click on the Command Prompt option
  • Select Yes
  • In the command prompt window, you have to type chkdsk E: /f/r/x

If you make any mistake in the above-mentioned steps, the process will not work properly. So, in order to resolve the Micro SD Card Not Recognized Error, perform these steps properly.

Perform all these methods correctly to resolve the issue, but if you are still in need of help, just drop a comment below.

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