Micro SD Card Not Responding-Easy Fixes and Solutions

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if you are one of those who has struggled with your Micro SD Card Not responding then welcome to the world where there are so many of you out there.What’s better than to use an external micro SD card to expand your device memory. Most devices that we come across every day come with a limited amount of memory. Which makes the use of micro SD card all the more important.

We use micro SD cards on our smartphones to store pictures, videos, as well as important files. So we have a rough idea of the importance of memory cards.

Corrupted micro SD card is a problem we have all come across. don’t you just hate it when the micro SD card does not respond to your devices? A single corrupted file can cause your SD card not to recognize your device. So you better be careful what you put on your laptops and smartphones.

A bad memory card can land you up in a heap of trouble if you are not careful. In some cases, it can also cause the entire device not to respond. it is very important for users to original Sd cards, and try to avoid using second-hand SD cards.

Fixing a broken or corrupted SD card is not an issue if that’s what you are wondering. If you happen to face not responding issue with your micro SD card.

The first thing you need to do is first troubleshoot the problem. once you are able to pinpoint the problem. You will be able to resolve it in no time.

There is an ample number of solutions you can use to fix your micro Sd card. This article talks about some of the easiest and common methods you can use to repair your SD card.

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Reasons your Micro SD Card is not Responding

The cheapest way to expand your device memory has to be Micro SD. Most of us use Micro SD card on our smartphones to store our favorite pictures and videos. Cameras are one device that is heavily depended on the use of Micro SD cards.

A non-working microSD card is perhaps the worst nightmare for any devices. A bad micro Sd can not only corrupt the entire memory card, but it also can ruin the device itself. You don’t want that right?

There could be many reasons for the micro SD card to generate an issue. Keep on reading to find out what all problem you could face with your Micro SD card. If you are able to fixate on the problem it would be easier for you resolve it in the first place.

Given below are some of the problem you may face with your Micro SD card.

Read Time is too slow

Don’t you just hate it when the read time of your micro SD card slows down extensively? Such an issue hits our workflow very hard and after a certain point takes a toll on our patients.

The cause of this problem may vary, but the most common problem that we could think of is that you might have a problem with the card reader itself. The card reader might be an older version, or not compatible enough.

An unwanted trojan could also be the problem for your Micro SD Card to slow down.

Error Messages on your Micro SD Card

There are times when you want to copy a file from your memory card to a device but an error message comes up every now and then. such an error message can cause your SD card not to respond to any of the commands.

As and when an error message comes up, it causes the function to freeze. The cause of this problem is not known, but the probable reason might be the driver. If not the driver, the card reader is to blame.

Files Missing from your SD Card

SD card missing files

Happed to almost most of us. We run the SD card and find some of the files missing. This problem with the SD card is not that common but happens from time to time.

The first thing you have to check the SD card with another device. If the Sd card is functioning properly. then the device is at fault. If the problem persists. The SD card might be infected with a malware.

Locked Micro SD Card

Micro SD Card locked

One of the most common reasons for your micro SD card not responding might be because it’s locked. If the memory card is locked, nothing will be recorded on your SD card.

If you find that your SD card is not working. First, check if it’s locked. if it is, then unlock it and try again. This is a very common issue we come across every day. now you know how to resolve it.

There is a good chance that if you find your Micro SD card not responding to any of your devices. The above-mentioned problems might be the primary cause.

Now that we know what are the problems you may face with your micro SD card. Let us now move on to the solutions and methods you can use to resolve the issue at hand.


Steps to Repair your Micro SD Card not Responding

There always comes a time when the when your Micro SD card breaks down on you. It is either not responding to your command or not recognizing your device.

If you don’t know what you are doing, you could lose most of your data stored on your Micro SD card.

To make sure that you are able to resolve the issue properly. We have brought to you some quick hacks on how to recover and repair your Micro SD card.

Micro SD card not responding – Quick Recovery Method

Recovering data from corrupt Micro SD cards could be tricky at times. But if you follow the easy steps given below, you will be able to recover most of your data from your Micro SD card.

Micro SD Card Recovery is Given Below

First, you have to download a file recovery software such as iCare

Connect your Micro SD card that is not responding to your PC

Then run the iCare software on PC, and select your SD card. Then click on Scan

iCare file recovery

let the program scan your SD card, it may take a few seconds

Once the Scan is complete. You will be able to view your all the pictures, videos and document files

iCare file SD card file preview

Now that you have a preview of your lost files. Recover the ones you need

iCrae file preview 2

That’s all you need to know if you are looking to recover data from your Micro SD card. Now that you are able to recover your files from your un-responsive micro SD card.

Let us now check out some of the methods you can use to repair or fix your Micro SD card not responding problem.

Micro SD Card Not Recognized – Easy Repair Method

Once you have recovered all of your data from your Micro SD card. Now all you have to do is try and repair your corrupt memory card. There are many processes you can apply. We have listed a few of them for your convenience.

Update the Driver of your Micro SD Card

  • Go to Computer and then select System Properties 
  • On the left-hand side, you will see a taskbar. Select Device Manager. Next, to it, you will see USB Controller select “+”
  •  then select Automatically search for driver software online
  • Upon clicking all you have to do is wait for a while till the system scans and updates the driver of your Micro SD card

Use Disk Management to do a Complete Format of your SD Card

  • Select Start then click on Control Panel
  • Go to Administrative Tool, then select Computer management
  • A new tab will open, then you have to select Disc Management. Then locate you Micro Sd from the driver viewer
  • Now all you have to do is right-click on your Micro SD card and click on Format

Use CMD to fix your Micro SD not Responding Issue

Micro SD Card repair

  • Press Windows Key + X together. This will open the power users menu
  • The power User Menu tab will open, from there click on Command prompt Admin 
  • A new request page will open, click on Yes
  • On the Command prompt window, type in the following: ckhdsk E/f/r/x. Replace “E” with your Micro SD

These are all the steps you required to do if your Micro SD card is not recognizing or responding to your command.


Micro SD cards are fairly simple devices. All you have to do is plug it into your device and you are done. But being simple is not enough, it is true for a fact that Micro SD cards could be temperamental at times. One moment they are working just fine, while the other time your Micro SD card does not even recognize your device. While it might be a problem for most, it shouldn’t bother you.

The above solutions are the methods you need to resolve any of your Micro SD cards not responding issue. Just follow the steps carefully, and you will not only able to recover your data, but also repair your SD Card as well. You will have to follow the same steps if your SD card is not recognized. The given steps are easy to follow and effective at the same time. Next time if you find your Micro SD card, not responding, you know what to do.

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