Microsoft Outlook Not Responding : Your Easy Fixes

microsoft outlook not responding

Outlook not responding? I have sorted easy fixes for your Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016 not responding issues. Read on to know how to hack the solutions to your Outlook glitches.

outlook not responding

What is Microsoft Outlook?

The outlook from Microsoft is probably the most developed client available in the market. It is one of the most flexible and interconnected clients available in the market. You can set up your email management, with the ability to access emails without a browser.

It also enables you to access multiple email accounts through one app or program. Outlook is not limited to just Microsoft to account, you can also add your Gmail, Rediff mail or even your business related email accounts and access them from one place.

Outlook may be the most advanced email client in the market but it has its fair share of bugs and glitches. The program is designed to reduce your mailbox size by archiving old and read emails. If not taken care of, data continues to gather and the application becomes heavier and can cause problems with user experience. Also, your antivirus or firewall can too from time to time if you don’t set up your outlook hasn’t been set up properly.

Outlook Not Responding?

1. The client could be outdated

2. The program is being used by multiple processes.

3. Conflict with the add-ons installed in your Outlook client.

4. Heavy mailbox.

5. Corruption installation or system files in Office programs.

6. Damaged, missing or corrupt Outlook data files.

7. Antivirus or firewall setting conflicting with Outlook.

8. The user profile may be corrupted.

9. A conflict between other programs with Outlook.

All the above-listed problems are common across almost all Outlook editions and Windows operating system. In some versions of software and the recently in the form of apps (from Windows 8, 8.1, 10).

Step-by-Step Guide to easy Outlook Hacks:

Step 1:

Close the ‘running’ Outlook process
If your outlook started hanging when dealing with multiple processes you can start off by terminating the running outlook. You can close the client by the close button in the top right corner of the window.

If mouse clicks do not work

1. Press [Alt]+[Ctrl]+[Del] to call up the Windows Task Manager. You can also right-click on your taskbar and select the Task manager from there

2. Go to the ‘processes’ tab and look for Outlook.exe

3. Select the process Outlook.exe and use the ‘End Process’ but in the bottom right of the window to end the frozen Outlook

Step 2:

Restart client in safe mode
Now, start the Outlook application in ‘safe mode’. In safe mode the Outlook client loads without customization files or any add-ons. Following the below-mentioned steps to start Outlook in safe mode :

1. In Windows 10 – click on Start and type in the following command and press enter:
‘ outlook. Exe / safe ’

2. In Windows 8 – from the Apps menu choose to run and type in the following command and choose OK.
‘ Outlook / Safe ‘

3. In Windows 7 – in the search box in the Start menu type in the code below and press Enter:
‘ Outlook / Safe ‘

Now that you have opened the Outlook client in safe mode, close this Window and try to run it normally. If the client is still not responding, go through the below steps :

Disable Client’s Add-Ons

You might see messages like “ Outlook not responding” are produced due problems with the installed add-ins. Close each and every one of the running add-on. It is difficult to specifically point out which exact one is the problem.

microsoft outlook not responding

Go to “Tools”   from the menu. Next, click on “Trust Center” and select add-ins and click GO.

For Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 not responding:

From ‘File’ tab click on ‘ Options’. Under options choose ‘Add-ins’ and select GO.

Remember to uncheck all the add-ins and save the changes.

Close All Other Applications

The Outlook client is a complicated application, that operates with a lot of resources and data. Moreover, at times does not have the memory required in performing the required process and could result in leading to an “Outlook Not Responding” error. One of simple solution would be to close all other running programs which are not required at the moment.

Check if Outlook is Working Large or Long Process

You trying to move or delete a huge number of emails in a single go, Outlook may seem to hang, that’s not the case, it’s working in the background and processing your work. Just check the status bar at the bottom of the screen. If you Outlook is processing some operation on a huge number of messages at the same time, could seem to be stuck. Be patient and give Outlook a couple of minutes to finish processing the data and it should be up and be working again.

Repair Outlook

Often repairing the program can resolve issues with Outlook 2016. Your Outlook client can generate messages like ‘Outlook not responding’, it may also start hanging or freezing.

You need to close all the Office programs that are running. Go to the Control Panel and select Programs and Features. Find MS Office on the list of installed programs. Right-click ‘Microsoft Office 2016’ or ‘Microsoft Office 2013’, and then click on Change.

Next, you will need to use the Inbox repair tool. The Inbox Repair Tool (SCANSPST.EXE) inbuilt on your PC. The Repair Tool will try to troubleshoot issues by scanning through your data files and repairing errors of your Outlook. Exit running Outlook window and go to Repair outlook Data Files and follow the system guided process for repair of the software.

If repairing doesn’t resolve the Outlook not responding issues try checking for updates.

Checking for Updates

It is easy to forget to update your applications that you regularly use. There may be pending updates waiting to be installed or downloaded. These updates should be processed automatically if auto-update feature is active (default settings is Active). It is recommended to keep your PC’s auto-update feature active as it gives your PC regular updates relates to the software and its user experience, fixes bugs and adds new features.

Check Mailbox Size

Keep a check on a number of documents in your mailbox. Free up and reduce the documents stored in your mailbox. The accumulation of emails and the attachments, the mailbox becomes heavier and can also make the email client nonresponsive.

A few simple ways to handle such problems could be.
Organizing mailbox with multiple folders as Outlook may take more time to fetch results from a single folder. Multiple folders can organize your emails and can avoid such nagging errors.

For Outlook 2010 Not Responding

1. Go to File tab and look for Info. From Info choose Accounts Settings and choose Data Files tab.
2. Choose Personal folder.
3. Click on Settings
4. Choose General Tab
5. Click on Compact Now

Outlook 2013 and 2010

1. Right-click on your Personal folder of the client.
2. Select Data File Properties and choose Advanced and select Compact Now

Try o keep your mailbox clean. archive old emails that you only need at certain times.

Create New User Profile

The email client stores lots of dates related to your user profile. It keeps a record of many settings, that controls your Outlook and its appearance i.e the user interface.
You can choose to create a new user profile and add your required email accounts in the new profile and close Outlook.

For Windows 10 – first, click on Start and navigate yourself to the Control Panel and press Enter.
Select Choose User Accounts and select Mail and click on Show Profiles.

For Windows 8 – Open the Apps menu and select Control Panel. Click on Mail setup and choose Show Profiles.

From Show Profiles option, choose Prompt to call upon a profile. Start Outlook and choose your new profile. If creating a new profile solves your issue, you can return to the Show Profiles dialog and delete your old profile.

Cleaning up the mailbox and keeping your application or software up to date can often be vital. Try to be regular in maintaining your Outlook and clear all spam or non-important emails taking up space leading ‘Processing’ error.

If your problem is still persisting and can’t seem to perform the steps properly, you can always perform a reinstalling the software.

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