Fix Microsoft Word Not Responding Error

If you are trying to recover and resolve all the issues related to MS word, then you need to just note down the tips and the easy hacks that have been mentioned. You can simply get back all the unsaved data from your MS word. Even the easy troubleshooting can merely get you back the MS word to your screen and work it along.

You can easily fix and resolve the Microsoft word not responding error in your Mac operating system or your Windows operating system. You need to understand that the problem causing the Microsoft word not responding error can be an internal defect or a fault in the Microsoft office program. Generally, MS word shows the Microsoft Word not responding error glitch because of a third party app or a software.

Causes of Microsoft Word not responding Windows 10 error

Yes, the error mostly occurs in the Microsoft Program in Windows 10 operating system. There are some common reasons that go hand in hand with the MS word not responding error.

• The third-party plugins can be one of the most common reasons that are actually causing the MS word not responding error.

• Again, you need to check for the virus or a malware activity in the computer system. You can merely get updated with the malware or the virus in the computer or the personal laptop with the help of an anti-virus program.

• Check if you are using the Microsoft program on the mapped network drive. If yes, then try using it with the help of other resources. You must know that whenever the mapped drive is attached or linked to the low resource or is functioning on a low-level computer then it will show some of the other sorts of error in the Microsoft error when you are actually using it.

If you see the Microsoft Word not responding error when you are working on a task or typing a document, then you must know that the document that you have typed has failed to save and you probably need to work again on it.

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Easy Hacks to fix Microsoft Word not responding error

You can simply resolve the MS word or the whole of the office issue with the help of these easy hacks. Just follow the steps and perform it accordingly. 1. Disable the Plugins

We all work on MS word. Sometimes, to fix the errors happening in your document, you may install or add-in some or the other extension to the MS word program. Yes, of course even these third-party programs can cause issue and errors; merely your MS word might go unresponsive too. Once you have removed the plugins from your MS word, restart the computer system and try opening the MS office program. 2. Disable the Graphics in the Hardware

Your MS word might not only go unresponsive but also can crash at certain times. This can happen due to an error in the hardware graphics acceleration in your operating system. You can also check the error by entering the safe mode within your PC or the computer system. 3. Update the Graphic Card

Update the Graphic Card

Of course, non-updating of programs and software are the main common reasons behind this kind of program or operating system errors. Check for Graphics card version. If it is outdated then you actually should update the graphics card and then try again with the MS word program.

It works!

There are many other methods that you can simply use to get relieved from the MS word not responding errors. Just try the above-mentioned and see if it works for you.

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