MS Excel Not Responding: Easy Fixes

If you are experiencing MS Excel Not Responding error, here are what you need to do to fix the error. Your MS Excel not working can be a very annoying problem, but if you know the troubleshooting solutions, you can easily perform them and here they go.

MS Excel Not Responding

How to Fix: MS Excel Not Responding-

The problem can occur due to many external factors, but no matter what are they, here are some easy fixes:

Run Excel in Safe Mode

This is the easiest solution to choose for resolving Excel not working error. To avoid issues during the start-up of the applications, try these steps-

  1. Hold Windows logo key and R together
  2. Type in ‘excel.exe /safe’ in the newly opened box
  3. Here MS Excel will run in safe mode
  4. Now open the file you were working on, and it should run error-free

Change the Default Printer

There is a link between Excel and printer which doesn’t make sense to you, but it can interrupt the smooth service of MS Excel. Whenever you open a spreadsheet, it communicates with the printer to check margins supportable for the MS Excel. If it gets the margin, you will face no error, but when it does not, the MS Excel Not Responding error occurs.

  1. Go to the control panel from your Windows PC by opening settings
  2. Then click on Printer and Devices
  3. Right-click on Microsoft XPS Document Writer to set a default printer
  4. Now try to open the excel file and the problem should be no longer existing.

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Update the Installation to Latest

If your Windows office updates are not installed on your system, you can face this error. So, please make sure that your system is updated with all the newer versions of Windows update. If you are unsure about the update process, please follow the following solutions:

  1. Go to the control panel of your Windows operating system from settings window
  2. Then click on System & Security
  3. After that, click Start Maintenance to set it in the automatic mode
  4. The updating process will installed itself on the automatic mode and you don’t have to do anything. Wait for the newer version of Windows to be installed on your PC and then try to open MS Excel again.

Repair MS Office

Corrupted MS files can cause any kind of errors related to MS can follow the mentioned-below steps to repair your Office files.

  1. First of all, exit all the MS Office applications
  2. Then go your System’s settings and open Control panel
  3. Select Features and Programs.
  4. Select Microsoft Office and click on the Repair Office option

If this does not help, you can follow the old process- uninstall and reinstall the application. Many application errors get solved by following these process, so try this one. Next, if you need any additional help, please drop us a comment below.

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