Noragami Season 3 : Review, Plot, Cast & Comebacks

Noragami is a Japanese anime TV series by the Japanese studio, Bones. It is written by Deko Akao & directed by Kotaro Tamura. It is a mix of emotions & genres beginning from comedy, action, fantasy to adventure. This series has it all to receive love from anime fans. 

Noragami has got 2 seasons till now. The first season has a total of 12 episodes that aired on 5 January 2014, & ended on 23 March 2014. 

The 2nd season of Noragami aired after a year on 2 October 2015, and ended on 25 December 2015, and has a total of 13 episodes. 

It has been 6 years for this show and there is no Noragami season 3 yet. Will there be a season 3? Yes, there will be Noragami Season 3 but you need to be patient enough and wait for the production to finish and make it all official.

Without Noragami Season 3, we cannot guess if Yato will get a million worshippers to the shrine. But we have the full-volume book but I think anime fans would like to watch it more than read it. 

Studio Bones did a good job with the two seasons of Noragami and we are sure they will do well with the upcoming season 3. It is just a matter of time before anything official comes up. 

Everything related to Noragami season 3 is present in the article but firstly, we will take a quick flashback into the past. 

Noragami Flashback

noragami manga

Hiyori Iki, a small school girl tries to save someone from the accident but she loses her soul. But she becomes Ayakashi, a person knowing about another world & this becomes her superpower & she travels to both sides of the world. One world is with humans, animals & birds & the other one is of demons and other people who die & do not belong to Earth.

Once she travels to the other world, she gets in touch with a God and this God takes 5 yen as the fee to accept the human wishes. Also, he takes these fees to build his own temple for his worshippers.

When Hiyori knows about this god, she meets him and asks for a wish & wants him to bring back her normal soul again. She didn’t want the traveling soul but she wanted her original life back. Since Hiyori was so genius, Yato wanted to be with her & so he made Regalia meet her & then the adventures began. 

Noragami Cast & Characters

Hiroshi Kamiya Yato
Yuki Kaji Yukine
Maaya Uchida Iki, Hiyori
Miyuki Sawashiro Bishamon
Jun Fukuyama Kazuma

Season 3 Of Noragami: Yes Or No!!

Till now, there is no concrete information on the show renewal but it does not mean there will be no upcoming season! There are good chances of getting the Noragami Season 3 but there is also a slight chance of it not coming up if we take the status of blu-ray sales of the Noragami Season 2. The blu-ray sales were quite low but it is still expected that we will get a brand new season soon. Also, the profits & sales of this anime series were not up to the expectations and this makes it a loss of business for the creators of the Noragami Anime.  

But we think they will take a risk & produce it for the fans. Their fan base is strong enough to take this risk and make the upcoming Noragami season a worthy one. Hope and wait for the Noragami team to make something official.  

Noragami Season 3: Source Material

noragami season 3 release date

Adachitoka, Noragami’s writer, has written 23 manga volumes along with 2 special volumes. The 1st volume was released on 6 December 2010 & the latest one on 17 February 2021.

Noragami season 1 has the story for volumes 1 to 3 & season 2 is from volumes 4 to 9, so now there is 14 manga left for Noragami season 3. So, by pure maths, we can see there are high chances of Noragami Season 3 being on-air any time soon. Just like one punch man

For Noragami Season 3 Release Date in English, read the table below.

Volumes English Release Date
Volume 1 September 2, 2014
Volume 2 November 18, 2014
Volume 3 January 20, 2015
Volume 4 April 28, 2015
Volume 5 June 23, 2015
Volume 6 August 18, 2015
Volume 7 October 13, 2015
Volume 8 November 17, 2015
Volume 9 December 22, 2015
Volume 10 January 28, 2016
Volume 11 February 25, 2016
Volume 12 March 24, 2016
Volume 13 April 19, 2016
Volume 14 May 17, 2016
Volume 15 June 21, 2016
Volume 16 July 19, 2016
Volume 17 October 25, 2016
Volume 18 June 6, 2017
Volume 19 December 11, 2018
Volume 20 June 11, 2019
Volume 21 March 10, 2020
Volume 22 November 24, 2020
Volume 23 TBA

Noragami Season 3: Expected Plot

In Noragami Season 3, we may witness Yato’s true identity & what his mysterious past & black side are all about. We may see Yato becoming a god with lots of millions of worshippers. He will try to capture the golden shine. Further, we can see the reason for the revenge of Yato’s ex-Regalia.

We may get to witness more about the God Of Fortune, Ebisu. He is the one who used monsters to develop the parallel world & then became a criminal. No person can ever be happy with a god working together with a monster.

Moreover, we may witness how Yukino and other friends will help him in gaining the status of the God of Fortune. Lastly, it may portray the strong relationships of Hiyori, Yato & Yukino and how their relations grow stronger and stronger with time.

Noragami Season 3: Comebacks & Return

Keeping with the plot of Noragami Season 3, we can expect the return of Daikoku, Rabou, Kuraha, Kazuma, Noragami Nora, Hiyori Iki, Kofuku, Yukine, Yato & Bishamonten.

Ending With Hope!!!

Our research can come to a positive conclusion that there can be a Noragami Manga Season 3 but we are also just speculating. Anime like Noragami was a hit among the fans and the next season will surely be a bigger hit. Let us be patient & wait for some official announcement of Noragami Season 3.     

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