What is QBDBMgrN.exe Not Running Error? How to Fix It?

QuickBooks is a software developed by Intuit for small and medium-sized business owners. This software helps users to manage the accounting and bookkeeping of the business smoothly. But just like other software, this too is not free of errors and bugs. There are many QuickBooks errors like 15106, 0999, 15222, 1334 and many more. One such error is QBDBMgrN.exe

The authentic, as well as legitimate QBDBMgrN.exe file, is a software component of QuickBooks developed by Intuit through which multiple users can have access to a QuickBooks Database. The .exe extension indicates an executable file. When any trouble happens in this file then it shows an error message. You will encounter the ‘QBDBMgrn not running on this computer error when the QBDBMgrN service is disabled on the system you are using. This can lead to obstruction in your important work and lead to serious problems.

To save you from this situation, we have gathered the most reliable information about Qbdbmgrn.exe. Read this post till the end to avoid getting stuck with this error in the middle of doing some important business-related work.

Ways to Detect If your system is affected by QBDBMgrN.exe

  • Trouble while starting the computer.
  • Error during program startup.
  • Specific functions don’t run properly.
  • Corrupt and damaged link files.
  • Missing or damaged driver files.
  • Windows registry is Invalid.
  • Malfunction in the Hardware

Possible Causes of QBDBMgrN.exe Error

QBDBMgrN.exe process in Windows Task Manager
  • Improper Installation of Firewall
  • Incomplete or improper Installing QBDBMgrN.exe
  • Internet connection is unstable.
  • Using an old version of QuickBooks.
  • Missing files in QuickBooks database Manager.
  • Failed Installation of QuickBooks Server manager.
  • Firewall obstructing QuickBooks to access the internet.

Changes a User Faces When QBDBMgrN.exe not Running Error Occurs

  • Facing trouble in Multi user Mode.
  • Unable to write the company file.
  • Firewall obstructing QuickBooks again and again to get access to the Internet.
  • Facing trouble with QuickBooks Network File.
  • Incomplete Installation of Firewall.

How to Fix QBDBMgrN not running on server Error?

No problem is permanent, so this error. We have discussed all the possible solutions that could help users to fix this error and assume their work smoothly.

Solution 1: Fix  Quickbooks’ Current Version you are Using

  • Press the Windows+R keys and the Run window will open up.
  • Type appwiz.cpl in the specified area. Hit Enter.
  • Your screen will reflect a list, look for Quickbooks and double-click on it.
  • Now select the Uninstall/change option.
  • Follow this order – Continue> Next > Repair > Next.  It  will initiate the repair process.
  • Press Finish after the process is over.

Solution  2: Update Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall can also cause QuickBooks database server manager to stop, so, the second step is to start fixing Firewall.

  • Type Run command and then type again Control Firewall.cpl. 
  • Hit OK
Window Firewall
  • Now open Windows Firewall, then navigate to Update your Firewall Settings and press tab on Check for Updates.
  • Select Update Now and wait till the process gets completed.
Window Firewall
  • Restart your PC and open QuickBooks to see if the error is fixed or not.

Solution 3: Uninstall and Install QuickBooks 

Sometimes users do not install QuickBooks Software properly which leads to this error. if  you also have installed it improperly, then you need to uninstall and reinstall the application. 

  • Go to the Start button to select the control panel.
  • Press Uninstall after selecting the QB program of your choice.
  • It is a little time-consuming so have the patience for a few seconds.
  • After uninstalling, Restart the PC and Reinstall the software.

Solution 4: Check Hosting Setting

  • In the user’s workstation, open QuickBooks and click on File tab.
qbdbmgrn not running on this computer
  • Then, select Utilities and click on the option named Stop Hosting Multi-User Access option
  • If there is a Host Multi-User option available in the list, then your hosting settings are correct on the workstation.
qbdbmgrn not running on server
  • Now go to the Server Computer and Open QuickBooks.
  • Select File and then Utilities.
  • The screen must display the option of Stop Hosting Multi-User Access and if not then click on it as it will switch to multi-user access.

Solution 5: From QuickBooks Tool Hub, Download QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks Desktop Tools Hub

This tool is famous for fixing Corporate file related issues. Used by many this tool is found inside the Quickbooks Tool Hub package. A user can use Quickbooks File doctor when there is any kind of corrupt file, damage, or data loss. It can easily identify and rectify these issues.  This tool scans the company file, identifies the errors, and then repairs it. SA users can run a scan in QuickBooks and repair errors. This is a simple and user friendly;ly tool for troubleshooting the troubles associated with QuickBooks.

  • Install the Quickbooks tool hub package and Launch it.
  • Go to the Company file issues section.
  • Click on the tab named Run Quickbooks File Doctor.
  • Look for the corporate file you have trouble with. 
  • Select the Repair selection.
  • The file doctor will automatically scan and repair the error. 
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Solution 6: Restart QuickBooks Data Server Manager Service

If you are reading till this solution that means you were unable to fix the error even after following all the above solutions. Below mentioned steps are required to get rid of the QBDBMgrN.exe error.

quickbooks data server Manager
  • Type Run command, then Services.msc, and hit Enter.
  • Search for QuickBooksDB28, QuickBooksDB26, QuickBooksDB27 or QuickBooksDB 29.
  • Right-click on the service you want to fix the error of and then select Restart.
Restart QuickBooksDB Service- qbdbmgrn.exe
  • After restarting, Update QuickBooks to see if the error has been fixed or not.


Hope you have found solutions to QBDBMgrN not running on server error. By now, you must be able to resolve the error on your own. These solutions are super easy and can be followed by any QuickBooks user. You can also check out more informative articles on our website. These articles will definitely expand your knowledge and enlighten you.

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