QuickBooks File Doctor: Download, Installation & Uses (Full Guide)

QuickBooks allows multiple features and benefits to users that help ease up the financial difficulties. However, with so many features, it is bound to get some issues and errors due to technical failures or user ignorance. Intuit launched QuickBooks File Doctor with the purpose of fixing such errors efficiently.

This in-depth guide will cover everything related to QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor, whether it is the functioning, requirements, downloading, or installation process, we’ll explain it all. So, let’s begin.

QuickBooks File Doctor: Explained

QuickBooks File Doctor is a valuable tool created to recover damaged QuickBooks company files as well as to solve network connectivity issues. While working on QuickBooks, users get error codes including the 6XXX series. 

This series indicates a problem with your file and requires troubleshooting. QuickBooks File Doctor scans your company file and automatically removes any corruption from it. In addition, it also treats a lot of other issues.

Errors Fixable by QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor download allows users to fix numerous issues and errors. Furthermore, to simplify that we’ve attached a table including all these errors. 

Absent Employees List Network Connectivity Issues QuickBooks Installation Issues
Can’t access Company File Issues In Multi-User Mode Damaged Windows registry
QB Error Code 6000 301 QBDB Server-Manager Issues All H Series Errors
Can’t Update QuickBooks Quickbooks Error H505 QB Error 6000 82
All 6000 Series Errors Hardware Issues Firewall Misconfiguration
H202 Error QB 6000 305 Error H303 Error
Corrupt company files QB 6147 issue Damaged Data
QuickBooks 6130 H101 Error Error code -6150

Requirements to Download the QB File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor Requirements

If you wish to download QuickBooks File Doctor without any interruption then fulfilling the requirements is a must. Check them below:

  1. You’ll need a working and reliable internet set up on your system.
  2. Also, make sure you get administrative rights.
  3. Verify if .NET Framework is installed.

Download and Use QB File Doctor Versions

QuickBooks File Repair Doctor includes two varieties. The first one is known as the In-built version and the other one as Stand-Alone. They are both capable of diagnosing QuickBooks related issues. However, their download and utilization steps differ a bit.

QBFD: In-Built Version

QuickBooks File Doctors’ In-Built version is accessible for users of QuickBooks Desktop version 2016 or higher. There is no additional download required for this version. Simply use the stand-alone version using these steps:

  • First, exit all the background activities on your system.
  • Then, run “QuickBooks” with admin rights.
  • Next, click “File” menubar and opt for “Utilities”.

QBFD Inbuilt version

  • Moving on, select “Repair File/Network” and hit “Browse” to select the file.
  • After that, select your “Company-File”. Then, click “Open”.
  • Now, select a fixation way and choose “Next”.
  • Finally, input the prompted info and re-tap on “Next”.

By doing so, the QBFD In-Built version will analyze and fix your company file issue. Furthermore, once the File Doctor fixes the issue, you must run a system restart.

QBFD: Stand-Alone Version

QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor (Stand-Alone version) can be downloaded through Intuit’s official webpage and its utilization differs a lot from the In-Built version. Follow these steps:

  • To begin with, download the File Doctor via Intuit’s webpage.
  • After that, launch the File Doctor setup.

QBFD Stand Alone Version Installation

  • Then, click “Next”. After that review its terms, and perform the instructions.
  • Next, finish its installation and double-tap “QuickBooksFileDoctor.exe”.
  • Now, click “Browse” and select your company file.
  • Then, choose the method as follows:
  • – 1 to troubleshoot 6XXX series errors.
  • – 2 for resolving network-related troubles.
  • Afterwards, give credentials and choose “Next”.
  • Finally, you can choose “Server” or “Workstation”.

This will run the QBFD stand-alone version to fix any corruption from the company file or other related issues.

Once done, perform a system restart and then you won’t face H or 6XXX series errors with your QBW company file.

QuickBooks Tool Hub for File Doctor Tool

If the above methods seem difficult to download QuickBooks File Doctor then you can simply use the tool located in the QuickBooks Tool Hub

Step 1: Download and Install QB Tool Hub

The first step towards accessing the QB File Doctor Tool is to perform QuickBooks Tool Hub download. Here’s how:

  • First, visit “Intuit’s webpage” and locate QuickBooks Tool Hub download.
  • Then, launch the setup and go by its instructions. 
  • Next, finish its installation and conduct a restart.
  • Finally, launch “QuickBookstoolhub.exe”.

Step 2: Run “QuickFix My File”

The next step demands you to run “QuickFix My File”. Follow these steps: 

  • Once you launch QB Tool Hub, visit “Company-File Issues”.
  • Then, click “QuickFix My File” and also adhere to on-screen directions.

This generally fixes the company file. However, if it doesn’t the final step is to run QuickBooks File Doctor.

Step 3: Run QuickBooks File Repair Doctor

  • From QuickBooks Tool Hub’s dashboard, visit “Company File Issues”.

Run QuickBooks File Doctor from Tool Hub

  • After that, hit a click on “Run QuickBooks File Doctor”.
  • Next, click “Browse” then choose your file.
  • Now, select “Check-File” and proceed with “Continue”.
  • Finally, fill out your credentials followed by clicking “Next”.

Finally, the Quickbooks File Doctor within your Tool Hub will automatically fix any problem you’re facing with your company file.

Outcomes of using QuickBooks File Doctor

As you finish running the QuickBooks File Repair tool, you’re certain to get the below outcomes:

1: Error found and is repairable – If the QBFD tool discovers an issue and is able of fixing it, you’ll get this outcome.

2: Found No Errors – It indicates that the QuickBooks Doctor tool found no errors in your company file and you can continue with it.

3: Error discovered but can’t be repaired -This outcome comes when there is an issue with the file that can’t be fixed using the File Doctor. We recommend, attempting a system restore.

4: QBFD Not Working – The QBFD not working outcome indicates a technical fault with your system. Let’s understand the reason and fixation for this outcome below.

What if the File Repair Doctor fails to Work?

Users may experience the QuickBooks File Repair not working error while diagnosing errors or launching the QB File doctor. Let’s look at the causes and possible solutions.

Triggers For QB File Doctor Not Working Issue

The below-listed factors contribute to QB File Doctor not working issue.

  1. You launch the Doctor Tool while your company files’ update is ongoing.
  2. A corrupt installation file of QuickBooks File Repair Doctor.
  3. If you forget to add crucial files during installation.
  4. When you try restoring your files.

Fixation Steps For QBFD Not Working Issue 

You can fix the QB File Doctor not working problem through the below-listed solutions

  1. Set up your Antivirus properly
  2. Backup the file “.QBW”.
  3. Disable the Hosting.
  4. Run “Auto Data Recovery”.

If the QBFD not working error keeps occurring, you can uninstall and reinstall your QuickBooks File Doctor.

Steps to Uninstall QB File Repair Doctor

QBFD Uninstallation Screen

The QBFD tool can be used to fix errors and issues. However, if the program becomes unresponsive or freezes due to incorrect installation or other issues then you must know the steps to uninstall it.

Let’s talk about the different methods you can use to remove QB File Doctor.

1: Product Uninstall Tool

Most applications include an uninstall procedure in the installation folder. Follow these steps to uninstall QuickBooks File Doctor.

  1. Look for the QuickBooks FD icon, right-click it, and then select “Open file location”.
  2. Once you find the uninstall process file, run the uninstall procedure.
  3. Follow the steps provided by the uninstall wizard. After that, restart your system.
  4. Check the directory containing your installation folder to make sure everything is clean.
  5. Click the “Windows” button then type “Regedit” and click the “Regedit” icon
  6. Expand the registry group and search for registry keys having the program’s name.
  7. Make sure you back them up before you delete these files from your computer.

2: Windows Uninstall Feature

The Windows system provides an uninstall feature in the Control Panel. These instructions will help you access this feature on different operating systems.

For Windows XP
  1. Click on “Start” to open the Taskbar.
  2. Next, click on the “Control Panel”.
  3. Click on “Add/Remove Programs”.
  4. Select “QuickBooksFileDoctor”.
  5. Click “Uninstall”.
In Windows 7
  1. Hold “Windows” + “R”.
  2. Input “Control Panel”.
  3. Also, press “Enter”.
  4. Choose “Uninstall Program”.
  5. Click “QuickBooksFileDoctor”.
  6. Hit “Uninstall”.
In Windows 8/8.1/10
  1. Click “Start”.
  2. Expand “Program and Features”.
  3. Locate “QuickBooks File Doctor”.
  4. Click “Remove/Uninstall”.

A Few Considerations for QB File Doctor

These are the key points to remember to make the most out of QuickBooks File Doctor.

  • QB File Doctor is compatible only with Windows systems, and not with Mac.
  • Keep only one version of QuickBooks File Repair Doctor on your computer.
  • You’ll get the built-in version if your QuickBooks version is older than 2015.
  • Verify that your QuickBooks hosting is enabled to repair multi-user mode settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long does it take for the QB doctor file to complete the process?

It can take as little as 6 minutes in most cases. After the scan is complete, you can open QuickBooks and your company file. Even if the scan is successful, it may still indicate that it failed. So, be sure to check the files after finishing the scan.

Q2. How can I repair a QB File?

Rebuild Data is an integrated tool in QuickBooks Desktop that automatically corrects minor file data errors.

  • First, navigate to the “File” menu and hover over “Utilities” before selecting “Rebuild Data”.
  • Then, select “OK” in the QuickBooks Information window.
  • Now, the tool will repair your file.
  • Finally, select “OK” after the tool has finished its work.

Q3. What causes data corruption in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks data corruption is often caused by improper system shutdowns, even though QuickBooks is still open. Data corruption can also be caused by other factors like hardware, software, and network connection problems.

Q4. Does QuickBooks do automatic backups?

QuickBooks will automatically backup your company files instead of forcing users to do it manually. Here’s how:

  • First, reach the “File” menubar.
  • Next, choose “Switch Single-user mode”.
  • Now, select “Browse” in the “Local Backup Only”
  • Finally, set the number of backups you wish to keep.

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