Quickbooks Unapply Credit: Easiest Ways to Unapply a Credit in QuickBooks?

Have you ever been in a situation when you have overpaid for an invoice and want that overpaid money back? Don’t worry, you are not alone stuck in this situation. This is a normal thing that happens in any business and there are many users who accidentally overpay for their invoices in QuickBooks Desktop. Users have faced such issues while QuickBooks Unapply credit. It is not a big matter and can be resolved by any of the methods mentioned here by us and you can easily settle your extra payment without facing any big trouble.

QuickBooks enables users to make and send invoices to their customers. Credit memos are created by QuickBooks after a customer gets a refund for any services or products. A user can view the credits in the Accounts receivable register. Sometimes, customers do overpayment by mistake which is automatically adjusted by QuickBooks as a credit to the customers. What if customers want to unapply their credit? Well, there are so many ways for that also. Read till the end to know how to unapply a credit memo in QuickBooks. 

First, know possible Methods to Unapply A Credit In QuickBooks Desktop?

After you have found your credit memo in QuickBooks Desktop, you can settle your overpaid amount in the ways mentioned below:

  1. Creating a credit to refund the overpaid amount.
  2. Create a Journal Entry and write off the amount.
  3. Applying the credit to your next invoice.
  4. Applying the credit to the invoice which is unpaid.

Now let’s understand how we can find QuickBooks Unapply Credit Memos

To generate a credit memo report, a user must follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open QuickBooks, go to the Report Tab, Click Customer and receivables. Then choose a Transaction List by Customers.
quickbooks unapply credit
  • Now press tab on Customize Report and navigate to the Filters.
  • There you need to type Transaction Type and select Credit Memo.
how to unapply a credit memo in quickbooks
  • Hit OK and you will be able to check all Your Credit Memos.
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Tricky Methods to QuickBooks Unapply Credit From Invoice 

If you want to unapply credit memo in quickbooks, then make sure you read this post very carefully. If you want to know how to unapply a credit to an invoice in quickbooks, then follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • In the Credit memo List, double click on the Invoice of your choice,
  • Select Apply Credits and then navigate to Previously Applied Credits Screen, delete the selected credits.
  • Press tab on Done and Choose Save and Close on the same window.

How to Delete a QuickBooks Unapply Credit from your Invoice?

  • If you want to remove a credit from your invoice, then open the desired invoice.
  • A link will be displayed with your invoice. 
  • Choose the delete option in order to remove the transaction applying the credit.

Methods to QuickBooks Unapply Credit From a Bill

If you want to know how to unapply a credit from a bill in quickbooks, then follow below mentioned steps.

  • Go to the Vendor list and choose the right vendor.
  • Select the Credit radio button to change the transaction type. Press tab on Save and Close.
  • Choose the same Credit radio button again and press tab on Yes to confirm the change.

Now, you can easily unapply credit in QuickBooks without any trouble. Quickbooks unapply credit will not be a big task for QuickBooks user. We have provided the best solutions to settle your overpaid amount. So, next time if you or any person related to you gets stuck in this situation where he/she has overpaid or done the transaction twice then just go through this post and say bye-bye to the problem. 

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