Best Ways to Register Quickbooks with Validation Code

QuickBooks is globally used by both small and medium-sized business owners as it offers tremendous features and tools that make the accounting process super easy. In this article, we would discuss various methods to activate the QuickBooks Validation code generator.

Having multiple advanced features in the App & desktop version, users can make transactions, client, company files, calculate salaries and do thousands of work without major trouble. It makes accounting done easy and timely. Developed by Intuit, QuickBooks is listed as one of the best software to manage bookkeeping and accounting tasks smoothly reducing human efforts.

A license key or a validation code is needed to approve recently bought QuickBooks Desktop Software. It is important as it helps in validating your account. It is important to overcome hard procedures and technicalities while doing accounting work.

When you buy QuickBooks software you find all the details about the license on the sticker in the packaging, and on the off chance that you have bought the software online, you can find the validation code via email.

Whenever a user installs QuickBooks software, he/she needs to go through the registration of the software. To perform correct registration, users are required to have a unique code that he/she can do from QuickBooks Validation code

Remember that your software will not work even after updating if you have lost your QuickBooks license key. To avoid the trouble we will discuss everything about Quickbooks Validation Code. Read this article till the end to read about professional methods  to finish the process of QuickBooks Enterprise Validation Code Generator.

Benefits of Quickbooks Validation Code Generator

  • The QB Validation code Key can be used by both existing and new users.
  • The QB Validation code Key is unique that helps users get all the information and data related to installation and activation.
  • After buying the product, the Validation key is generated by itself and can be used in other QuickBooks products and softwares. You get this code only after buying QuickBooks software.

How to Activate QuickBooks through License Number and Product Code

Quickbooks Validation Code Generator

One of the most asked questions is related to Quickbooks activation code generator. 

  • If you have bought a CD then there is a 15 digit code which is your product license number and 6 digits number is your product code. These are two different numbers because QuickBooks installation will not work if the license number and product code don’t match. After installation of the software, you can change your license number and product code.
  • After installing QuickBooks, open its windows. It will inform you how many days are left till you can use your QuickBooks, Select begin Registration and a new window will open. Now to verify the authenticity of your QuickBooks, you will be “Contacting Intuit”.
  • After you complete that, your software will get a valid license number and product code.
  • Now, fill User ID and Password in order to log in to QuickBooks and register your software. Press Sign In after creating the login credentials. When you try to sign-in, QuickBooks will ask for your telephone number and ZIP Code as part of the registration process. Click Continue and your QuickBooks will be registered.

How to find QuickBooks License Number in Registry?

How to find QuickBooks License Number in Registry

Below are the simply explained steps through which you can register Quickbooks with Validation Code 2020,  2013 pro and 2015 generator code.

  • Open QuickBooks and Press F2.
  • If you have found the window of Product Registration then press F3.
  • In the Tech Help window, go to Open File and select QBRegistration.dat.
  • In case, your file is not opening then navigate to Notepad which will be seen in the list of Programs and Hit OK.
  • Type Find command and then write License Number.
  • Press Ctrl +F and your file will be highlighted.
  • The Product License Registration Number will be available just besides highlighted text.
  • Note down the number and close your file.

How does QuickBooks Validation Code Generator Work (QB registration)? 

In order to use QuickBooks with full advantage user needs to validate its account with Intuit. When a user gets the validation code, to activate QuickBooks, he/she is required to enter the code in the software. 

Here is how you can enter the validation Code: 

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Go to the help menu.
  • Select the Register button.
  • Now, you will be prompted to enter your validation code.
  • Always memorise the validation code as it is not same as the license key.
  • Use the License number to re-register the application.

What to do when you don’t Remember your Login Credentials?

How to find QuickBooks License Number in Registry

It’s natural to forget things for humans as we are not computers. In case, you have forgotten your Login Credentials and can’t do your important work, then don’t panic, just follow steps mentioned below:

  • Open QuickBooks and close the company files if they are opened. 
  • Go to the Help menu and choose the About QuickBooks option.
  • Your screen will show you a box containing the details of your registration.
  • Enter the validation code now and Hit on Next Button to finish the remaining process.
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Methods If a User wants to Bypass QuickBooks Registration Process

QuickBooks Registration Process

A user cannot delete QuickBooks Registration from the system but yes, he/she still holds access to give permission to install the application on two different PCs. Users can also install the QuickBooks software on two different computer systems with a similar username and validate for around 12 months.

Below are the steps to use QuickBooks without registering. But before doing that, you must read all the terms and conditions properly.

Method 1

  • Go to Intuit Website and visit the page asking for consumer license and product details.
  • Fill the details of the existing owner.
  • Give the name of the user you want to bypass the QuickBooks Registration while giving valid reasons for switching the QuickBooks License.
  • Now wait for the approval by Intuit and after it is approved Bypass the Quickbooks registration process.

Method 2

  • Click on the start button.
  • Go to Explorer and then Control Panel.
  • Select Tools and then the Folder.
  • Go to View and then choose Show Hidden Folder. Hit OK
  • Now, look for QuickBooks registration Files and select Start.
  • Choose All Files and Folders.
  • Type Quickbooks.lic and hit Enter. Then choose Search.
  • Your file will appear, Select Delete. It will undo the original formatted registration and will make users re-register the QB software. 


We have tried to gather detailed information about topics related to Quickbooks Validation Code Generator, How to activate Quickbooks Validation Code Generator both Offline and Online. If these steps helped you, please do inform us in the comments section below and provide a few tips to help other readers. You can also read more articles on our website as we have a collection of many informative articles.

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