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The kindest thing about Digital Hoarders is that you don’t like your kinds of stuff scattered all around the room, randomly. But, the annoying part? You will never be satisfied with the space available. So, SanDisk Hardware is a lifesaver for people like us. With the advent of technology comes the issues of errors. So, even if you are not really facing the problems now, it is always better to know the SanDisk Hardware Repair techniques.

The methods may come in handy sometime. You never know!

Anyway, speaking of SanDisk, there are numerous products helping people to store their enormous data with ease. Most importantly, the products come in a teeny tiny form but cater quite a storage hound to all.

SanDisk is the Lord providing us with the following storage products

USB flash drives

SD cards

SanDisk Sansa


SanDisk Hardware Repair

All aspects of SanDisk Hardware Repair

What are the common SanDisk Hardware Errors?

  • PC cannot recognize the SanDisk USB Flash Drive or Cruzer Blade
  • USB Drive is not formatting
  • The device is always showing low space

Flash Drivers being the most popular product of SanDisk, so let us just start with that.

Fix SanDisk USB Flash Drive

A USB flash drive helps you to store and backup all your important files. When this SanDisk Flash Drive causes errors or problems and crashes while you are transferring the data, the backing up of files can be a mess too.

But, we have got all the troubleshooting methods covered to help you out!

Fix your SanDisk Flash Drive and resume your work with these steps.

  • First things first. Put your SanDisk Flash Drive into the USB ports (Also, if one port is not working, try out the other ports).
  • How will you now that the flash drive is connected to the PC? Check out the light on your drive.
  • Now, right click on the My Computer icon on your desktop.
  • Choose ‘Manage’.
  • Start with Computer management console.
  • Choose & launch ‘Device manager’.

SanDisk Hardware Repair

  • Now, a little bit of hard work is needed. You have to look for your flash drive in any of the categories such as CD-ROM/DVD Drives and USB Mass Storage Disk Drives.

SanDisk Hardware Repair

  • When you find the SanDisk Flash drive, chose the category it belongs to and right click on it.
  • Choose ‘Uninstall’. This step will refresh and repair the device completely.

SanDisk Hardware Repair

  • Click Action > Scan for Hardware Changes

SanDisk Hardware Repair

  • Close or minimize Computer Management Console.
  • Now, open ‘My Computer’ and find your SanDisk Flash Drive.

SanDisk Cruzer Blade Still not Working? Here is an alternative method for SanDisk Hardware Repair

Your PC is still not recognizing the SanDisk Cruzer Blade, USB drive, external hard drive or any other storage device?

Follow the SanDisk Hardware Repair process I have mentioned below

  • Visit the section of Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management
  • Now, choose Disk management.
  • Look for the SanDisk Cruzer Blade.
  • Right click on it and format the device.
  • Now, you can use your SanDisk Cruzer Blade with ease. Hopefully, your PC can recognize the device again.

SanDisk USB Drive not formatting? Here’s what you should do.

Not formatting error is also quite common. In this case, a display box shows up saying that you did not format the USB drive and whether you want to format it now. If you format the device, you will lose all your data.

So, you can download a data recovery tool. For instance, you can download the iCare Recovery Tool. I have used this software to restore my data and it works just fine.

Click here if you want to install this tool.

How to use it?

  • Insert the SanDisk Drive in your PC. Meanwhile, download the tool and run it on your PC.

SanDisk Hardware Repair

  • Choose a module for the tool.

SanDisk Hardware Repair

  • Now, select your SanDisk USB Drive. Let the tool scan your data. (It may take some time. Hold on!)
  • After scanning, you can select the data that you want to keep.

SanDisk Hardware Repair

  • That’s it! Now, you can go ahead and format your USB Drive without the fear of losing important data.

Restore data before formatting SanDisk Cruzer on your PC

When it comes to restoring data, you can also EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for your PC. It will restore the data from your storage device. You can scan and save your data and then format the device.

Insert SanDisk Cruzer in your PC.

Launch the EasUS Data Recovery Wizard

Scan your device.

Restore whatever information you need.

Create a separate folder and you can keep all these data in that folder.

SanDisk Hardware Repair on SanDisk Mac PC

  • Connect the SanDisk Flash Drive to your PC.

SanDisk Hardware Repair

  • Hit the Finder option as shown in the image.
  • Find Preferences and click it.
  • Enable the option for External Disks

Now, the next step is to make sure the computer is able to detect the flash drive.

Click twice on MAC HDD > Applications > Utilities > System Information > USB

SanDisk Hardware Repair

If you find the USB here, then there is no problem with detection of the device. Now, if you don’t find it here, you can try using the drive on some other computer to make sure that there is no problem with the drive.

Fix SanDisk SD Card Error issues

SanDisk SD Cards range from 8Gb to 16 Gb and even 64GB. But, situations may arise when the SD card show errors or just stops working.

In either case, you need to make use of the data recovery software I have already mentioned about. For instance, if you use iCare Recovery Tool, then insert your SD card into a PC, launch the tool and run the module.

Let the tool scan your PC for the files on your SD card as well. (Even if the SD card is unrecognizable, still it will find the data. )

When you find the photos, copy and paste them somewhere else on your PC.

Now, format your SD card and see if it’s working. If the SD card s not working due to some physical damage, then you can always restore the data.

Wrap Up

SanDisk, the creator of every Flash, is the Messiah when it comes to storing large amounts of data and keeping it safe. Even I face errors while using SanDisk flash drives and SD cards. In that case, I try using any of the above-mentioned processes and fix the errors without wasting any time.

Now, you can store or transfer data on any device and if you face errors, you know what to do! I faced problems just like you in regards to the SanDisk Hardware Repair.  Finding out the best methods to fix those errors was quite a hard work. But, if you follow the processes I mentioned, you can fix your SanDisk issue without any problem.

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