What is Service Host Superfetch| 100% Working Fix for High CPU Usage

“Your PC runs into a problem that it couldn’t handle, and the disk usage is nearly 100 percent, which is caused by Service Host Superfetch Windows 10” -message appears in your Service Host Superfetch. Check out this post for the resolutions.

But before going to fix the high disk usage problem, let’s know what is service host and service host superfetch. So that we can get to know about the service and fix the error accordingly.

What is the Service Host Superfetch?

Svchost.exe is a generic host file name that runs from dynamic-link libraries services. This is a part of Windows Vista and other afterward Windows operating services. This latest technology helps the Windows OS with managing random memories so that the applications in your system can work properly.

This host process helps the third-party apps as well as some of the windows components to execute the important tasks. Superfetch reads and stores those data from those apps we use regularly. It stores those data to RAM and not to the windows hard drive.

This service copies all your commonly used files to your RAM Superfetch allows the programs to boost faster and thereby, work faster and   

But if your computer does not have the latest hardware, this service can use high disk usage. High disk usage due to Service Host Superfetch Windows 10 does not cause damage. It works in optimizing your system performance.

If you using windows 10, and the Superfetch is causing high disk usage problem, then do not worry. Read and apply the true resolution steps from the below section to resolve the error code.

Solution One- Service Host Superfetch Disable

Step one- Disable the service with the Run command

    1. Press the windows key and the R button together from your system keyboard
    1. Find Superfetch
    1. Click on its property
    1. Click on the Stop option
  1. Now, click OK

If the above step does not work, move to the next.

Step two- Disable the service with command prompt

    1. Click on Start
    1. Search for the command prompt
    1. Run as administrator
    1. Click Yes
    1. Type net.exe stop Superfetch
    1. Hit Enter
    1. Type chkdsk.exe /f /r on the new window
    1. Press enter
    1. Type Y
  1. Now, the problem will not be present anymore

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Solution Two- Windows Troubleshoot

Windows update can cause this service host superfetch disk usage. Run the troubleshoot to resolve the problem.

    1. Press the windows logo and then go to control panel
    1. Select the system and security category
    1. Click on security and maintenance
    1. Click on troubleshooting
    1. Fix problems with windows update
    1. Click Next
    1. Try troubleshooting as administrator
  1. Check if the problem is gone.

Solution Three- Clean Temporary Files

Temporary files can slow down the process of your system and thereby, the service host superfetch high disk can appear.

    1. Download and install the EaseUS Partition Master Free
    1. Follow this: Cleanup and Optimization > Junk File Cleanup > Analyze
  1. Check and select the junk files you want to clean

You can perform these simple steps to resolve the service host superfetch 100 disk issue on your Service Host Superfetch. If you still encounter the problem, let us know via the comment box below.

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