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What to do when your Spotify app crashes and not responding properly? Let’s find out in my tested review of troubleshoots. I have listed solutions to your Spotify trouble shootings, so your Spotify experience gets only better.

We all love our Spotify, it is that one app we cannot live without. Music is what gives our boring lives flavor. Spotify capitalizes on that and has brought us all the music we have ever wanted in just one place. Gone are those days where we had to store our favorite music in our phone memory. Now, all we need to do is Spotify.

There are times when the Spotify application not responding; it is times like this when our beautiful lives start to fall apart. When Spotify stops working, it is similar to taking out all the music from your lives. For most of us, our go-to music app is Spotify. Now let us look at the different problems one may face when using Spotify and what all methods one can use to troubleshoot the problem.

spotify application not responding

Spotify Application Not Responding – Common  Troubleshoots:

Spotify Down:

One of the rarest problems faced by a user when using Spotify is the “offline” error that always keeps creeping up. It might be due to some genuine reason or might just be some sort of glitch in the app.

You can very troubleshoot this problem just by going to DownDetector. What this will do is that it will constantly track your Spotify use and will let you know if the Spotify app is really down or if it is some external problem.

If you are still having that problem, then you can check the official twitter status of the app, and know if there is any problem with their side or not.

This type of problem is pretty rare, and if it continues it might be due to some problem in your account or the device.

How To Fix Spotify Streaming:

In the modern day and age, the sight of streaming is the ugliest sight one can imagine. You cannot do much but to stare at your phone screen and wait. For the most part, this might be due to your home connection issue. If the problem still comes up, these are the following steps you can do.

Switch to Airplane mode of your phone on and switch it off after a while.

Restart your device.

Restart your router.

Restart your modem.

Check the internet connection of your home.

If none of the above methods work, then you can directly use the Ethernet cable if the device supports it and check if it works. If that too does not work do contact your cable internet service provider.

Connection Problem in Spotify:

It is one of those problems that each one of us has faced. There are many reasons of why this problem occurs, but whatever the reason may be if your Spotify account is having some sort of connection problem. Then try switching the Wi-Fi of your device off and check if the app is working with your cellular data or not.

You can also try to force close the app from settings, and restart the app. That might just do the trick.

Fixing Shared Account.

One of the most irritating problems users face is that when two devices have the same account. When one starts playing the other device stops. This problem can easily be fixed by just spending some few bucks extra and getting the family account for $14.99.

Spotify Lag or Stutter:

If you listen to a lot of music in Spotify, then you would know what we are talking about. When a music suddenly stops and starts. It ruins the whole listening experience. Be it on any platform, this of a problem which is not acceptable at all. If you are one of those facing such problem, here what you can do.

You can go to Spotify settings, then go to preference, enable hardware acceleration. If this does not troubleshoot your problem, then try uninstalling and reinstalling.

Before that, try to log out and then log in. you also have the option to restart your device to see if it works.

No Sounds?

At times when you open the app and find that there is no sound at all. Imagine a music player with no sound.

The first thing that you need to do is check if the system volume is up or not. Then what you can do is check the app volume and the mute button the app.

If you are Mac, then press and hold the option button of the keyboard and choose the right output device.

If the Spotify of your phone has no sound coming out of it, then first check for system volume. If it continues, then check for any paired Bluetooth speakers.

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Reset Spotify password.

One of the common Spotify issues is that you cannot login to your account and you need to reset your account password. You can easily do that using this link given below.

the spotify application not responding_reset username

Different Facebook Account:

At times when you log in for the first time with your username and password, the app shows you the wrong Facebook account.

When this happens what you need to do is click on Spotify, and then go to preference. Then you need to go to social network, then disconnect from this account. Click on disconnect again to confirm.

You can login to your own account the very same way.

Recover Deleted Playlist:

It happened to almost all of us. We sometimes end up mistakenly deleting our playlist. There is no need to worry if you are already facing this problem.

All you need to do is log in to your Spotify account from your computer then click on recover playlist. If your playlist has been deleted very recently, then it might not show just yet, but will eventually.

Removing Offline Devices:

We all know that we can play music offline only on three devices if you are on a premium account. If you are no longer in need of a particular device, then you can go to your account page and click on the device that you want to remove.

If a device does not play the offline music, then perhaps you will need to renew your premium account.

Spotify have been our best friend on many occasions. At times we do face some sort of a hiccup, but the above 10 remedies can solve most of your Spotify application not responding problems.

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