What is RAVBg64.exe? What Does this Windows Process Do?

RAVBg64.exe stands for the Realtek Audio-Video Background process (64 bit). This is a harmless component of your Realtek Audio Drivers. It is possible for the process to consume 100% of your device’s CPU. It can be annoying when it uses 100% of your device memory, yet this process is very important. Without it, you might lose the capabilities of your device’s audio system.


Now, it can also be a virus. If you find the .exe file in the “C:\Program Files” subfolder then it is okay. But if you find it in a system folder like “System 32” then it can be malware. A malware has disguised as the Realtek Audio Driver file and causing high CPU damage. Just to be confirmed about the file, you can conduct a full scan of your system with your antivirus program.

What Is RAVBg64.exe Skype Accept Request?

RAVBg64.exe is a part of your device’s audio drivers and since Skype allows you to do voice and video chats, it is possible for the driver to request access. Even though it won’t prevent you from using Skype, but if you do not accept the Skype request access, a pop-up window can annoy you.

In some cases, even after allowing it, the prompt will not stop bothering you. And if that happens in your case, here is the troubleshooting method

  1. Open Skype app and click on Tools
  2. Then click on Options and go to Advanced Settings
  3. Click on the Manage other programs’ access to Skype option from the bottom of the window
  4. Search for exe and then click on Change
  5. After that, select Do Not Allow and press OK
  6. Again, choose exe and click on Change once again
  7. Here, select Allow and press Ok then OK again and finally Save

After going through these steps, you will be able to get rid of the RAVBg64.exe high CPU usage issue. If this does not help, try out the next method. You can also read: Desktop Window Manager, How to Disable Right Click easy guide

Install Latest Windows Updates

Microsoft is constantly updating Windows operating system files that can be associated with the RAVBg64.exe process. Sometimes downloading and installing all the available Windows updates can help you resolve the issue. Follow up-

  1. Press the Start button and enter “update” in the search box then do the following
  2. The Windows Update dialog box will appear and if you find out any available updates,
  3. Click the  Install Updates button

Check if these two steps help you resolve the issue. If the error is still bothering you, check out another solution.

Repair Audio Background Process

Sometimes the Exe file can be related to Windows registry files, and if those files are somehow damaged or missing, you can encounter many similar errors. Check out these steps to repair your Windows registry-

  1. In the search box, type command and while holding CTRL-Shift together, press Enter
  2. Click Yes in the dialogue box
  3. Type “regedit” in the new window and press Enter
  4. From the registry editor, select RAVBg64.exe and from the File menu, select Export
  5. Select a folder in the Save In list and name the folder in the File Name box
  6. In the Export Range box, you need to select “Selected branch” option
  7. Finally, click Save

This process will help you get rid of the RAVBg64.exe issue. But if you think you are still encountering the same error, please drop a comment below to get expert assistance.

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