Windows 10 Startup Folder Not Working | Find Solution

The major question you might want to ask is what does the  Windows 10 Startup Folder do and if it’s not working that what might be the consequences? Here it is, once you start your system the Windows 10 Startup folder automatically runs a set of listed programs to get your system ready for work. You will also have a relevant shortcut for your programS. For instance, you can find the shortcut to your antivirus or firewall in the Windows 10 startup folder.

Windows 10 Startup Folder Not Working | Solution

You must know what goes wrong when Windows 10 startup folder stops working; you may face difficulty in two different forms. Windows 10 startup button not working and Windows 10 startup folder not working. Both of them are not a lost cause. The issues might have a different reason or arise on OS, but on Windows 10 it can be fixed with some help. We will help you fix these issues with few simple guides and are easy to use.

  • Check Windows Startup Manager
  • Create a Batch file manually
  • You must use the task scheduler to make an addition to the program

These three simple steps will help you get rid of the Windows 10 startup not working error. Moreover, let us start with the very first step

Check your Windows Startup Manager

I will give you one of the easiest ways to check and resolve startup error. One of which is to check the startup manager and remove the corrupt file that has been stopping the startup to work efficiently. Now how to do that? here’s how

  • First, open the task manager by typing CTRL + SHIFT AND ESC buttons together.
  • Now find the startup tab and disable all the program
  • You have to now enable each program one by one and keep checking the folder after enabling the program
  • When you reach a time when you can’t open the after a particular program, know that the program is corrupted and remove it entirely.
  • In case of any important program, you can risk disabling, just uninstall and reinstall once again. That might will help you get rid of the error.

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Additional Information

If it so happens that you want to add a program to your startup file and is unable to, try this fix. It may help you, in the long run, to start with. Creating a batch file is easy, start with going to the start Windows 10 startup folder and create a batch file.

  • Just create and open a new text in the document
  • You will have to copy and paste the link written here @echo off “C:\ Program Files \ DAEMON Tools \ DTLauncher.exe” exit
  • Now replace “DAEMON Tools” and the path that you want to add
  • After saving you will have to change the extension to text. Bat
  • Now you will have to double click the batch file

This is going to take all the edge off, resolve with the help of these helpful solutions. You can always comment below for our help; we love to interact with our readers. Let us know any other alternative ways you would want to suggest because we are completely open to suggestions.

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