Windows 8 Product Key

Many of us are aware of the fact that Windows 8 comes with a very easy user interface and is feature-rich in its way, which is why it’s obvious for anyone to want to install Windows 8. Which brings us to the conclusion of unfolding the Windows Product key and we will help you get one right here. Read on to know the Windows 8 product key, unless and until you have been living under a rock you will know what a product key is. However, let me help you understand better.

What is a Windows 8 Product Key?

It’s not a rocket science to find the Windows 8 Product key. It’s a 25 character code for two basic reasons.

  • The Microsoft uses the Windows 8 product key to verify that the version is not used in more PC’s than required
  • Also, because Microsoft uses the product key to activate your copy of window

Now let’s give you some information as to where to find the product key for the first place., there are few places you can find the product key.


If you have bought a Windows DVD, you can find the product key on a card inside the box. It’s a good idea to save the product key somewhere for the record so that you don’t forget. However, if you bought a second-hand PC and had no idea about the Product key, you can ask your buyer for it.

Via Email

If you have registered or purchased the Microsoft Windows, you must have got an email where you can find your 25 character code for activation. It’s by default you will find your product key number in there.

With Your PC Manufacturer

While you buy your PC, make sure you ask your manufacturer to give you the original product key so that you don’t face issues later on. He may write down the product key on your invoice while billing.

In case you have completely lost your Windows 8 product key, you might have some idea where to find it. Firstly, you can ask about it from your manufacturer. You can even contact your Microsoft and ask them to provide information.

Find your Product key with the help of Key Finder.

This way is suggested if you have tried every single way to find your product key and failed. In case you cannot retrieve the product key, you can use the key Finder program to find the product key. You have to make sure that you don’t install just any random key finder program because most of the time it comes packed with malware and other viruses.

Here’s how to find Product key finder, it’s easy to find the equation on these links.


Product key finder


You will have to follow the online instructions to find the product key at once. For any other additional information about your Windows 8 product key, you can leave a comment below to interact with others and find more details about the same.

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