Taskbar Not Responding: Easy Solutions

If you are encountering the Taskbar Not Responding error on your Windows computer, then you are at the right place. Here I will show you some easy steps that you can perform to resolve the problem in no time. But before going to the solution steps, let’s check out a few things about taskbar.
How to Resolve Taskbar Not Responding

Taskbar Not Responding-What is Taskbar?

A taskbar is a horizontal bar which is present at the bottom of your computer all the time. This space provides you with access to the start menu, folders, and running applications. Apart from that, it shows the network connectivity status of your computer, the battery percentage, the volume of speakers etc. Without this tool, the user interface of your computer is incomplete.
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In case your Taskbar Not Responding due to overwork or some other issues, you can always try some easy resolve. Let’s find them from the sections below.

Method 1-Open Task Manager to Resolve Taskbar Not Responding

You can press [Alt]+[Ctrl]+[Del] at the same time from your keyboard to open Task manager. The pop-up will appear on your screen where you will be able to see all the current applications and tasks that are running on your computer.

Method 2- Run a New Task

Now the task manager is opened in front of you, click on More Details option to get a detailed view of the currently running tasks. Click on the File option from the menu bar and select ‘Run New Task. Do not mistakenly click on the Exit button.

Method 3- Windows Powershell

Type in PowerShell after the new task window opens. Click OK after selecting the Administrative Privileges option to open the Windows PowerShell administrator. Then move on the next step of Taskbar Not Responding resolve.

Method 4- System File Checker

In the DOS window, you will have to enter sfc/scannow. This will take quite some time to generate your results. The result will be one of these three messages: “Windows did not find any integrity violations” “Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and repaired them” “Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some (or all) of them” In the third messages, we will know the problem. So, enter the command given in the window and hit the Enter button from your keyboard. This tool will download the files to replace the corrupted files. And the process might take up to a few minutes to be completed.

Method 5- Task Manager

Press the [Alt]+[Ctrl]+[Del] keys together to open the Windows task manager. Click on More details option and then scroll down to locate Windows Explorer.

Method 6- Restart Windows Explorer

Single click on the Windows Explorer and hit the restart button from the bottom-right corner of your task manager window. This process will restart your Task manager. When you click on the restart button, your screen will black out for a matter of minutes and after that, you will your taskbar is loaded. Click anywhere, and the taskbar will be back to its life again. These steps will help you to solve the Taskbar not working error. In case you still need help to resolve the Taskbar Not Responding error, please drop a comment below.

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